Free Bible Apps for Android Tablet to Saturate your Life With

If you’re a Christian and you have no Idea about the Mobile Web, then you may want to Start with these Free Bible Apps for Android Tablet

For many years Christians have had a difficult time to keep up with the competition in the mobile app world of Android and Apple devices, but now RD Games have finally broke through that glass ceiling and published a unique and addictive game that’s based on the Bible. We present you Play The Bible! It is one of the many free Bible apps for Android tablet as well as other Android and iOS devices available on app stores. The game is a combination of colored tiles matching and word puzzle game that challenges you to solve the words in the background, which are Bible verses revealed.

It’s an interesting game that has many features.

How did the Beta Version Fair?

The beta version for Play The Bible came out just a few months ago, so it’s pretty fresh and so far we got very good feedback from the beta testers also. It’s more than just those puzzle games free online and is a better game than current Scripture-based games of the same genre’ on the app stores. As a matter of fact, even if you don’t care about the Bible or God or Jesus, you would still enjoy playing the game, because plain and simple it’s a modest mobile game app that’s a notch up from the traditional games you’ve played before. It didn’t took us long enough to publish the full version of the game and a month later we’re getting a significant amount of downloads and a couple of reviews.

Digitizing the Gospel and Making it Fun to Learn

It takes a divine calling for one to find the Bible interesting to read and you can’t exactly market it raw to the new generation of gamers, so when we prayed God granted us the wisdom on how to best disseminate the Gospel online and on app stores. With the current trend on game apps these days making free Bible apps for Android tablet and for other handheld gadgets just won’t cut it. You need to compete on their terms, because you’re fighting on their turf, so for game app enthusiasts we provided the best Bible games for adults online. But Play The Bible is not just for adults, in fact, we’ve designed it to cater to kids and teens, but of course, adults find it very entertaining also.

After a few months of its release the game has now been widely accepted and appreciated by Christians and non-Christians alike. The reason behind that is because we’ve made the Bible fun to learn, or in case you’re not big on the Bible, then at least you’re big on fun, right? That’s the beauty of this game app it has the best of both worlds.

Christians can Use it for Evangelism Purposes

Play The Bible is not just for entertainment purposes as its potential for evangelism is quite promising and Christians all over the world can use it as a subtle way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Savior. Churches have come up with ingenious ways on how to share the Gospel of salvation and through the years they’ve been modestly successful in doing it. They have almost every clever technique for different peoples, beliefs, places and other factors that are either directly or indirectly become an eventual obstacle to their mission. Play The Bible is our way to effectively infiltrate the mobile app world and spread the truth about Christ and lead souls to Jesus through free Bible apps for Android tablet.

Since the internet has become an integral part of our life, then Christians ought to learn how to navigate in it and use our game app to help save souls too! It would be a whole new kind of experience when you realize that this is the very first time that you’ll be using modern technology to share the Gospel through Bible quiz questions and answers on Android and iOS app stores. Evangelism will never be the same again.

Play Solo or Play with your Friends

Play The Bible has two playing modes where you can play in single player mode (online or offline) and multiplayer online mode where you can play coop or compete against each other. Both modes will allow you to gain points and gold coins as well as encounter dozens of bonus rounds as you go through the game levels and get even more points and gold coins. Now you’re going to want to play in multiplayer mode, because it’s more fun to play in coop or competitive styles. When free Bible apps for Android tablet and other gadgets are not enough, there’s Play The Bible! You could be playing with your nearby friends or other players from all over the world! You may even get to chat and know them through the game and become friends in the future.

Isn’t that great? You’ll play the game, have lots of fun, discover the Bible, share the Gospel and add new friends in your network!

Why Free Bible Apps for Android Tablet and other Mobile Devices is not Enough to make People Hear God’s Calling

Of course, our game app which is suited for both Android and iOS devices is free to download; however, it is not like any other free Bible apps for Android tablet and other handheld devices, because it gives the players more than just entertainment. It gives them access to the Word of God in a subtle manner and slowly saturates it in their hearts and minds, then the Christian believer can come in later and guide them to the enlightening scriptures which will ultimately lead them to the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

They can play interactive Bible games for youth on this game app endlessly, entertain themselves and be inspired as they move through each level. And while we will do our best to plant the seeds of the word of God on the player’s hearts, it is the Holy Spirit that will soften their hearts in order to accept Jesus and be born again. It’s incredible to think that people these days could be saved through our free Bible apps for Android tablet and other mobile devices, but it’s a real possibility and someone may have already been saved while we’re writing this article. Of course, you can download free games and apps for Android tablet that are also Scripture-based on Google Play Store. There are thousands of Christian apps on app stores nowadays.

Bible Trivia Quiz for Kids Mobile Games

Once Upon a Time Bible Trivia Quiz for Kids were only Played on Kids Camp, but Now you can Get it from Google Play and the iOS App Store

  There aren’t many mobile game apps around that are very well crafted like, Play The Bible. It is a one of a kind Bible trivia quiz for kids that not only appeals to their youthful flare to do away with boredom, but also imparts them with Spiritual wisdom – albeit hidden in plain sight. The significance of our game app comes at a perfect time when these new generations of children are being pulled away from tradition like faith and spiritual enlightenment from God. Therefore we were faced with a task to solve a problem that required strong spiritual insight and technological knowledge. The solution was Play The Bible!

Science and Technology is not Against God, but is Indifferent to All things of Faith

Some Christians claim that science is inherently evil and that technology, its byproduct, is against God and the Bible. It is unfortunate because this is not true and science is merely indifferent to things of faith and other things that it cannot explain. And technology when guided by a moral compass from the divine does a lot of good too! Like our app, Play The Bible for instance, it may seem like just an ordinary Bible verse games for kids, but we’re using technology and some science to disseminate the good news of salvation of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We rejoice together with the rest of Christendom, especially other mobile game developers like us, because of the impact that they to the mobile web through their Bible trivia quiz for kids.

Something from the Past Continues to Reshape the Future

God’s word is eternal as the prophets and the apostles know very well. It caused this universe to come into existence and has been guiding mankind to the light of salvation ever since the fall of man. It came in many different forms before and each time it always fulfilled God’s will. Today it is converted digitally in order for Christians to be able to reach out to the unsaved masses who have no idea what the salvation of Jesus means, or who he is for that matter. Our mobile app which is a game meant to entertain users is one of many Bible trivia quiz for kids that you can find on most app stores, and it was designed to spread the good news of salvation in the game itself.

It’s like a treasure-trove of interesting Bible trivia questions and answers that the players discover a little bit every time they play the game.

Competing with the Big Boys in the Mobile App Industry

It’s not easy to compete for audience share in the mobile app industry or on any other industry for that matter, especially if people are aware that the game developer is a Christian and has a certain bias towards their product. What’s even more bothersome is that we’re not actually that interested on how much money we can get from the app downloads, or Google Adsense etc., as we are more concerned on how many souls we can bring to Christ every day. We did had a wishful thinking that other game developers would just leave us alone and not put the pressure on in the competition, but even though our game is just a meager Bible trivia quiz for kids it doesn’t mean that they’ll go easy on us.

So we divide our effort on marketing for money and marketing for Jesus. The payoff is really good as we get to keep our small business running while helping people discover some precious Bible truths.

Why Play The Bible is the Best when it comes to Bible Trivia Quiz for Kids and other Scripture-Based Apps

Well, first of all is that Play The Bible has elements of word drop online games free online, tile color matching, fill in the blanks quizzes, multiple choice games based on Bible verses, in-game cinematics with digital Bible characters, and lots of Jesus films for you to view. It’s basically like an all-in-one game with hundreds of hours of gameplay that you’ll enjoy very much. By all degree of comparison we think that our game app should rank in the Top 100 mobile game apps on app stores by the end of 2018, or at least we hope so as many people are saying that it is a decent game that appeals to all kids and adults alike. If that happens or even if we’ll just get enough media attention for our game, then we plan to make more Bible trivia quiz for kids in the years to come.

We’re very positive about it thought.

Why We Did not Hide Bible Scriptures when this Game was Created

Actually in the early inception of the game we did attempted to include Bible scriptures in the game covertly and that players will only discover it once they’ve completed a task. However, that would have defeated the purpose of creating Play The Bible and it would be tantamount to a grave sin against Jesus for being ashamed of him. So we made a final decision to create a game that would have Bible verse games for kids among other types of already existing mobile game apps that was included in it. Upon the release of the game on Google Play and the App Store we bible trivia quiz for kidsgot a very positive reception from game enthusiasts and we quickly beat the competition.

Final Thoughts

We sincerely hope that you take a look at our mobile app, Play The Bible, on Google Play and other app stores and try it. Already we have positive reviews from our beta testers plus real reviews on Google Play Store from satisfied gamers. Give yourself something to entertain you in days when you are bored and we promise that this game won’t let you down! The Bible trivia quiz for kids part of the game will get you addicted to it early on and it also offers some amazing words of encouragement and strength from the Bible, which can be of great help in time of need. We also hope from the bottom of our hearts that God will use this tool to lead children and adults to the saving grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Play The Bible Ultimate Verses: Changing the Mobile Gaming Arena

The Latest Scripture-Based App Play The Bible Ultimate Verses is Making Waves in App Stores

People have lots of different habits based on their preference and some of them love to do outdoors, sports, ballet, modern dance, singing, poetry, business, etc. But in general people spend half of their time on their phones and other handheld devices and about 7% – 25% of that time is dedicated to mobile gaming. If you’re going to choose a game that’s both entertaining and enlightening, then we recommend you try our new mobile game app, Play The Bible. Ede The Play The Bible Ultimate Verses (the full title of the app) is now available both on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Why People Get Bored

We human beings have tolerance level which means that we can only tolerate things happening in our lives for a certain periods of time. Even the most rewarding jobs or most profitable businesses or most amazing relationships will have ups and downs through the course of their existence, and when people who are involved in them snaps, then there would be chaos. In the small things it shows in our boredom – the state of mind where a person can no longer tolerate his mediocre lifestyle, so he attempts to entertain himself through various vanities of this world that satisfies his basic desires. Often they become misguided souls who hurt others either knowingly or unknowingly, but this destructive nature in man can be tamed through free download Christian mobile apps like Play The Bible.

Or especially Play The Bible as it is unique.

Play The Bible Ultimate Verses is a Substantial Solution?

We’re not saying that this game is the best solution to boredom, but it might offer you a longterm solution to the problem. Why? Well, because this game, although similar to the long list of Christian apps on the App Store and Google Play can really entertain you through its puzzle and tile matching challenges. But once it has saturated its alluring glare, then it will bring you face to face with the truth – that you are slave to your sins and you need a savior to free you from your prison. Play The Bible Ultimate Verses is more than just a mobile app – it is an excellent tool for evangelism too! It may take a while before you notice the Bible verses in the background as you’ll be busy matching those colored tiles and answering quizzes that are actually just scriptures in either a multiple choice quiz or a fill in the blanks test.

What Motivates You?

Sometimes you get bored not because of your tolerance level, but because of the lack of motivation in what you want for your life and the lack of vision to get to where you want to go next. People get motivated by many things like money, food, rewards, travel, being accepted in society, fame and many more! But there’s only one motivating factor that will get you going every day and will get you through no matter what – a personal relationship with Jesus. You would never guess that in these free online Bible games like Play The Bible Ultimate Verses, for instance, lies that kind of motivation that you need in your life.

So try it now and find out just how wonderful it is to be enlightened by God’s Holy Spirit!

You can Find Plenty of Amazing Free Online Bible Games on App Stores Including the Play The Bible Ultimate Verses

play the bible ultimate versesThere are lots of useful Bible games on app stores like for instance, Play The Bible Ultimate Verses which has already gained a significant amount of fans who patronize the game. It’s not old news as the first Christian-themed apps that appeared include the Bible in digital format, inspirational exhortations and Bible-based games. Play The Bible is a more improved version of Bible study games for youth and is expected to become the most prolific mobile game app to have ever been created that breaks the barriers between the Christian and secular worlds. Of course, there’s room for improvement but it will be developed as the years go by through the experience gathered from user reviews.

Building a Bridge between the Secular World and the Conservative Christian World is Better than Judging Others

While we do not actively work with other Christian mobile app developers we do hope that they will take inspiration from our product, Play The Bible, and create an intuitive mobile apps like it in order to help accomplish Jesus’ Great Commission. Christians should take mobile web seriously as there are hundreds of millions of users visit there on a daily basis and offering free download Christian mobile apps is just like doing evangelism in cyberspace. Those are a lot of souls to be saved and the potential contribution that they could bring to the Christian cause might be very significant. So let us do more to saturate the mobile web with helpful and inspiring Bible games like the Play The Bible Ultimate Verses from RD Games.

Disagreements Among Believers

The problem that is common among Christian believers is that they seem to have unique doctrines for each denomination you will find across US churches and other churches in the world. Unfortunately, most of these doctrines are man-made misplaced translations of the Scriptures and so they miss out on the more important things. We here at RD Games believe that we should stick to only what Jesus commanded like the Great Commission, loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself and a few other things that He told us to do. Things like what we ought to wear or eternal salvation should not be central to our faith, because it is ideas like these that make Christians judge the motives of their brethren like with what we do here with creating the Play The Bible Ultimate Verses mobile game app.

It is unfortunate that we get judge for doing a revolutionary approach in evangelism and people just say that we only do it for the money.

How we can All Benefit from This

If we think as a whole as one body, the Church of Christ, his bride, then we will have a clear vision of helping people to get to know Jesus and be saved. We should all be rejoicing with Play The Bible, because of what it can do and is already doing – bringing people closer to God. Although lightly disguised as one of the many free online Bible games, it is a very effective evangelizing tool and Christians could use it for that exact purpose. That is how we benefit from this amazing mobile app. You can download Play The Bible Ultimate Verses on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store now.

KJV Bible Trivia Games that are too Entertaining to Ignore

There are KJV Bible Trivia Games that will make you Think, Enjoy and Learn a Lot about God’s Word in the App Stores

Are you an avid mobile gamer? Do you prefer challenging games over standard first person or ‘shoot-em up’ style of games? Well, look no further because Play The Bible is the perfect mobile puzzle game for you! This mobile game app has the KJV Bible trivia games that you can find and if you’re looking for something to challenge your cognitive abilities, then Play The Bible won’t disappoint you. Play tile puzzle games where you match tile colors and complete Bible verses at the same time! Unlock special skills and bonuses as you progress in the game. Join multiplayerkjv bible trivia sessions of create your own and invite friends to join. The game has so many gaming style options it will never let you down!

Competing for Souls more than Market Share

While we do not deny that the driving motive behind every mobile app creator is market share and profits, our Play The Bible game has a more virtuous goal. That’s because we’re using this as a tool for evangelism and the true purpose of the game is bring people closer to Jesus in order to save their souls. RD Games still do compete for market share, but only to help it sustain its presence in the app stores, as you may already know that although these interactive Bible games for kids are free to use, they actually cost money to develop and maintain.

What the game developers are doing is simply a modern form of evangelism and is catered to the new generation who are not generally interested in pious religious topics, which has been stereotyped by the mainstream society. But the game itself is undeniably fun to play with for hours at a time! It’s guaranteed to relieve your melancholy or boredom and will keep you entertained as you learn new things about God’s word through the KJV Bible trivia games in it.

How does Play The Bible Stack Up Against other Popular Mobile Games

Looking into CNET’s Top 45 Mobile Games we’ve estimated that there are between 3-5 games on this list that is comparable to Play The Bible in terms of game quality and value. The game’s graphics is pretty decent and can be compared to that of Ingress and Pokemon Go. The gameplay experience is similar to Hocus, Threes and Human Resource Machine, but it has spiritual and moral value in it that all the other games does not have. In that respect Play The Bible should be ranked in the top 10 best mobile game apps!

It’s almost hard to believe that something that was made to have the KJV Bible trivia games in it would be as edgy and competitive with popular mobile games like Rules of Survival and Lara Croft Go. While it may not be as visually spectacular as other top tier games it will definitely stimulate your brain and will make you smarter and an efficient kjv bible triviaproblem solver.

Share KJV Bible Trivia Games, Share the Gospel!

Because Christianity and other religions have been stereotyped and are made fun of these days, most Christians are now afraid to share their faith to other people even if it had changed their lives and transformed them into the best versions of themselves. Critics often choose to ridicule Christians more than evaluating the positive effects of the Bible made to them, simply because they focus on the discrepancies in the Bible. Now that these children’s Bible games online free have been made available for free to everyone, Christians can simply share the game to their friends and let the Spirit of the Lord guide the user to salvation.

The game will share the Gospel to the players without them noticing it!

This may seem unconventional and seemingly almost not the Christian way of doing things, but it doesn’t mean that you do not assume responsibility each time you tell your friends about Play The Bible. Sometimes Christians are not as wise or articulate as Jesus, the apostles or other big figures in the Christian faith, but the Bible is the word of God and it contains all the wisdom necessary to bring a lost soul to Christ. More over Matthew 10:20 says “for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.” And therefore it is acceptable to share the Gospel in the form of these KJV Bible trivia games on Android/Apple devices.

Single Player and Multiplayer Gameplay

The single player mode of Play The Bible will help you get acquainted with Bible passages and at this stage you’ll only need to be careful with the number of moves you’ll make on matching the tiles. It’s exciting to play and as you get the hang of it, you will progress in the game with almost minimum difficulty; however, joining or creating a multiplayer session will up the ante a little bit. As you enter the multiplayer gameplay you will be competing with other players from all over the world who are either as well versed or exceptionally good at the Bible more than you are. So you’re going to have to put in more effort to win in the KJV Bible trivia games.

You will get lots of game rewards as you progress in the game and you’ll be able to do more as you use those skillskjv bible trivia and rewards. There is also a leader board where you can view global rankings. Normally it is expected that the players would be excited to see their name on the top of the leader board. They’ll definitely enjoy easy bible trivia questions with Play The Bible!

All in all the Play The Bible game experience is nothing less than amazing. You will constantly be challenged in every level of the game, so you won’t feel the game being redundant or boring in any way. By level 3 or 4 you’ll inevitably be hooked to the KJV Bible trivia games and keep it on your phone or tablet, which you will constantly go back to and enjoy playing it day after day.

Easy Bible Trivia Questions Apps for your Smartphones

It’s Amazing to Know that Easy Bible Trivia Questions Apps and Other Faith-Based Apps are Competing Well in the Mobile Web Market

Do you feel like you’re drowning from all the noise that modern technology and society bombards you on a daily basis? Do you want a new change in your life and feel better every day when dealing with day-to-day issues and people? Then all you need is God’s word, the Bible. But wait! It would be awkward to carry a huge bulky Bible around easy bible trivia questionsand you may not have the taste for the traditional also, so why not install easy Bible trivia questions or on your Android phone? But that’s not a lot of fun, right? And you’re probably a skeptic also so you won’t bother even reading Genesis. Okay, how about a mobile game app that lets you play mobile games while discovering the Bible from a whole new different perspective?

Yes? Good! Now let’s talk about the game.

What is Play The Bible?

Play The Bible is just like one of those children’s Bible games online free that is based on the Scriptures, which makes it both entertaining as well as educational if you want to study the Bible. It combines elements of already existing games like colored tiles matching, word puzzle games, multiple choice questions and answers quizzes and fill in the blanks tests. The core purpose of the game is evangelism and we here at RD Games takes this very seriously, in fact, the whole idea came about because we wanted to develop an app that allows users to know the Bible and enjoy themselves playing easy Bible trivia questions on their Android or iOS devices.

Why is it Important?

Since the game is based on the Bible, then it offers you the chance to drown out the noise of the world around you and have some peace of mind. Even though it’s just a seemingly inconsequential interactive Bible games for kids it does help you by showing your Bible verses, which can have a positive impact on your life. At first glance you may not even notice it or be completely oblivious about it, but the Holy Spirit will sear it into your subconscious mind and the Spirit of God himself will work to show you and remind you of the Bible verse you’ve read while playing the game just in time when you need it. And once you’ll realize this, you’ll never view easy Bible trivia questions apps the same way again.

Why just not use Traditional Evangelism Instead of This?

The traditional way of doing evangelism is not suited for the mobile web, because it’s outdated, ineffective in its raweasy bible trivia questions form, people have stereotyped it and are either indifferent or against it and no one will one to play a game that has a character doing evangelism to the gamers. It just simply won’t work. So the best approach to draw young people, children and adults in and learn God’s Word is maybe through Bible verse games for kids that’s repackaged in an interactive mobile game app that they’ll enjoy. This way evangelism doesn’t feel like a big Bible man trying to shove fire and brimstone down their throats, which can often feel threatening to people who doesn’t understand what the Bible is. And, in fact, most of them don’t understand it at all, so it’s better to use easy Bible trivia questions mobile game app to evangelize to them.

There’s Already Plenty of Easy Bible Trivia Questions Mobile Apps in the App Stores, So Why Do we Need More?

Well, Play The Bible isn’t exactly like other Bible games for adults free download even though it falls under the same category of Bible-based apps. So we do need more apps like it, because it does more than just let people have fun, but also learn their purpose in life, which is to serve God and be free of their sins. To that end we think that Christians need to become more creative in coming up with strategies on how to become more efficient in spreading the good news of salvation of Jesus Christ online. Why? Because as we get more and more connected it’s obvious that the internet will only keep expanding and become an integral part of people’s lives. Perhaps using easy Bible trivia questions apps might be where it starts and in the future, if God wills it, we might come up with incredible ideas to saturate the web with God’s Word also.

Make Interesting Apps if you want People to Get Hooked

easy bible trivia questionsThe secular world in general has a certain negative bias towards Christians and the Bible application for Android tablet that they made on various app stores. So if you want to captivate them, then you’d have to offer them something that’s equally interesting mobile apps and games as your secular counterparts do. Adhering to what the Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 10:31, we strive our best to create an interesting game app called, Play The Bible as we too do all things for the glory of God. In time we sincerely hope that the world will become more aware of God’s will and new generation of children will find it in easy Bible trivia questions mobile game apps.


The world as it seems hasn’t had enough of its addiction to the vanities that it created for itself, and the end result too is always the same – once they’ve tasted all these vanities, they all fall back into the arms of a loving God of the Bible. Regrets from broken hopes and dreams are often romanticized by these people who have fallen into sin that only God’s grace through Jesus Christ can remove the trauma that they’ve endured while loving the things of this world. Creating Play The Bible which is disguised as one of the forms of the many vanities that people love instills hope in their hearts – even though they may not be aware of it.

As they keep playing easy Bible trivia questions on their gadgets they will soon realize that it is leading them to the loving arms of Jesus and soon they will come to know him through his Word, the Bible.

Bible Games and other Faith-Based Apps are Fun

It’s a Relief to Know that Christians are Using Technology like Mobile Apps to help Believers Strengthen their Faith in Jesus

Christians all over the world are getting inspired by new conversions every day from people in places like China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries that are not friendly to Christians and their message of salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Traditionally Christian missionaries would do the standard procedure of infiltrating these areas, setup a secret underground church and give out Bibles to the locals to learn about God. It’s unfortunate that these missionaries get caught and punished harshly for teaching people about God’s word, but of course we do have to acknowledge that the governments of such countries have strict laws against what Christians are doing there. So it begs the question, what if they could use Bible games on mobile phones to share the Gospel?bible games

That would be a real game changer!

Traditional Customs and Beliefs Forces Certain People to Disapprove of One Another

The countries that were mentioned above are nations that are either have a communist ideology or follow the Sharia Law of Islam. Both are not friendly to the Christian faith due to the Crusades in the 9th century AD and the Marxism political view where it prevents the involvement of any religion in political affairs. The internet, mobile phones and other forms of entertainment such as free online word games are heavily censored if the government thinks that it has the potential to threaten their core beliefs in any way. This is the reason why it’s so difficult for Christian missionaries to penetrate these areas and share the Gospel. Perhaps Christian missionaries should use Bible games as a means to an end scenario.

A Middle Ground

Fortunately, the economic pressure is too strong for these countries not to utilize the internet to their advantage, so Christians might have a middle ground here and be able to do more than just send missionaries to these countries. With our new app, Play The Bible, and if the governments even just allowed their citizens to play Bible verse games for Android and iOS devices, then maybe there will be no need to print millions of copies of the Bible and give it away to the public, which often leads to the missionaries’ arrest and imprisonment. They’re lucky if they’ll get deported for breaking the law. It is said that China approves of their citizens be given a Bible just as long as Christians do not cause a public disturbance and go house to house to share the Gospel openly. They might allow people to play Bible games on their smartphones and tablets like our app, Play The Bible, and we’ll get a shot at bible gamessharing the Gospel covertly.

Instead of Using the Traditional Bible to Save People, Why Not Bible Games?

It is counterintuitive and overzealous to say that we should not steer away from traditional Christian values like using a paperback print Bible for daily reading and meditation. In fact, if you’ll look back at history before the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) were written the Jews handed them down orally. This means that the Torah were merely a collection of stories told on bonfires each night by village elders in the plains of Mesopotamia. So it’s perfectly okay to convert the Bible digitally and let people read it from their smartphones and other mobile devices, as they will discover the truth of God’s Word all the same. The modern times forces us to adjust to the new changes brought about by the internet and other consumer technologies almost on a daily basis.

Replacing the Bible with Bible games for kids to learn the Scriptures is perfectly okay.

We Change with the Times

Just as the early Christians used the fish symbol in order to avoid persecution, it’s okay to use books of the Bible games for kids to avoid certain stereotypes of today. Powerful empires like Babylon, Egypt and Persia did not survive the times but the Bible did and if you ask why, then the answer is simple – both the Jews and the Christians adapted to survive and did not use force to remain alive. Today it’s sad to say that a lot of people are getting “tired” of the Bible, especially if pastors and preachers and televangelists preach with fire and brimstone doctrine. People just feel uneasy with it and it sort of feels like threatening to listen to those kinds of Bible preaching. Sharing Bible games apps to your friends won’t feel as much awkward as preaching the Scriptures to them.

The Bible in Cyberspace Disguised as a Mobile Game App

The best thing about mobile apps is that people are actively searching for them and more than that they’re also bible gameslooking forward to use it. So unlike sharing the Gospel in the traditional way where you go to people, make them feel threatened, actually threaten them with sin and death and eternal damnation, then offer them a way out. By the time you reach the climax of your holy marketing technique people will get stuck with Hell and eternal damnation and be so afraid to hear anymore from you. If you offer them to try the Play The Bible app instead and let them enjoy Bible games, then maybe they’ll be less afraid of you and it will be the Holy Spirit that will guide them to the saving knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is the Goal

If they’ll tell you that setting up your business in the mobile app industry is a very profitable business, then they’re telling you the truth. However, the financial aspect of RD Games’ goals is inconsequential compared to its main goal which is to spread the message of salvation. If anything, we use whatever monetary gains that we get from the revenue of our app to empower our mission which is Jesus’ Great Commission and we all know what that is now, don’t we? Of course, that term is probably one of the most well known terms in Christian circles. The sole purpose of creating Play The Bible is to ensure that the Gospel is preached even in a covert way in the form of Bible games and so far we are succeeding.

Play The Bible – RD Games’ Best Mobile App

The First Mobile Game App of RD Games – Play The Bible – is Quite Impressive According to Gamers

Welcome to Play The Bible! Your ultimate source of Bible-themed games that you can download on your Android or Apple devices. For decades people who use the mobile web have been inundated by so much negativity. From the mild to the extreme you can be sure that they’ll put you off of your mood before the sun goes down and most of it comes in the form of news articles, videos, images, advertisements, music videos, podcasts and mobile apps. It is play the bibleestimated that the total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 is around 197 billion according to Statista, and almost half of this are game apps.

RD Games, the developer of Play The Bible, decided to turn the tide and bring people closer to God just like it was in the old days.

Most of the content on the mainstream internet and mobile web are spiritually non-aligned to any known faith or religion, especially those game apps. If some religious elements have been included in the game app, it isn’t placed there for the purpose of disseminating religious information, but rather is only being used for entertainment purposes. So even if you see a Christian or Buddhist character in the game he/she is merely there to play a certain role for the game to be as entertaining as possible. The game developer had no intention of accentuating any religion or faith that the character is associated with.

Play The Bible is the exact opposite of that, because it was developed for the purpose of learning God’s word – the Bible – yet still be as entertaining as most game apps that you can find in Google’s Playstore or Apple’s App Store.

The Gospel is still Relevant Today

People are caught up with so many things today that it seems to take up all of their time. Netflix and other online tv streaming service, smartphones, tablets and other computer devices, social media and other online communities as well as tons of game apps that keeps them preoccupied every waking moment. Hardly anyone ever has time for self-reflection let alone time to seek answers to their deep longings for God or a savior. Sometimes they question, is God still relevant today? Does he really care about what happens to humans on Earth?

It may sound surprising, but the mere fact that people are asking these kinds of questions makes God and his Gospelplay the bible relevant! Otherwise no one would care. We need to connect with the divine, because we were created by Him and severing that connection is just basically destroying ourselves. The Bible trivia for kids in this app, albeit unconventional, will help people reconnect with God and find their spiritual alignment once again.

Types of Games you can Expect from the Play The Bible App

The Play The Bible app is actually just one game with multiple features as you play along. You will need a good internet connection in order to play it and a valid email address to come along with it also. However, you can also create an account by using your Facebook or LinkedIn profile and the game itself will automatically get your personal information such as name, nickname, profile picture and other things. There are lots of free online Bible games to play with and you can play on a single player mode, join a multiplayer session or create your own multiplayer session and invite or wait for other players to join your game.

The game also has endless in-game cinematics, animated narrations, side games like Bible verse quizzes, in-app purchases, identifying Bible characters from a few given hints, multiple choice questions, and other interesting things.

The main game is the tile game where you are required to match the tile colors to each word from a certain Bible passage. Your moves are limited so you have to move the tiles efficiently and match the correct tiles to their corresponding colors for each word on the table. Failure to comply will result in the depletion of moves and you will then be forced to purchase moves either via gold points or real money via a PayPal payment or credit card. Fortunately you will be given 30 gold points upon registration, but you may want to save this as purchasing moves play the bibleare quite expensive.

Game Benefits

Play The Bible has lots of amazing benefits for Christians and non-Christians alike. For the believers it’s a great tool to use for evangelism, make new friends, break the ice when it’s boring and you can’t find anything else to do to brighten your day up, and many other fun things. For those who are not familiar with the Bible or Christianity, this game app is a great alternative for all those high-octane action-packed games that you’re used, or if you just want to pass up the time while waiting for some friends to arrive. It is also a good tool for learning, as you will find that a lot of the events of the Bible are deeply connected with important aspects of history.

Whether you’re passionate about telling your friends about the wonderful story of the Lord Jesus Christ or you just want to have some fun, Play The Bible is the perfect smartphone game app for you! You’ll really enjoy it as its developer guarantees it is one of the best Bible trivia for kids that you can find on any app store today.

The Takeaway

While there are a lot of game apps that compete for market share in the mobile web, most of these apps are created like zombies with only one goal in mind – food – and that food is the user’s attention. More downloads means more income! One could argue that money and business are the biggest things that drive our modern society, but oneplay the bible could also wonder what value, if there’s any, these apps have to the people, or personally to you. If the games that you’re playing have none whatsoever, then why waste your precious time playing them? Isn’t it just the same with procrastination?

Play The Bible has some spiritual value that you won’t find in any other app on any app store out there. So play it now, have fun and learn the value it has for your life.

Why Did We Develop Bible Verses in a Game?

bible versesWe Really had to Think and Prayed it Through Before God Gave Us the Wisdom to Seamlessly Insert Bible Verses in a Mobile Game App

I’m Troy, one of many team members working for RD Games. Prior to Play The Bible, I was fortunate to work on and distribute numerous faith-based games for the PC which also included Bible verses. One was a match-three game, another was a word game, another a karaoke game, even a scripture chess game. We also did other interactive Bible games for youth that became popular among Christian circles. The most well-known was based upon a popular Christian novel series.

Throughout it all, the life-changing impact of these games never seemed to occur from experiencing their entertainment. Instead, the links to our online website with evangelism content, from within the game, is what gave people a chance to Know God and encourage visitors to play to come to faith or recommit to God:

With mobile games being fairly new in the world, less than a decade, I thought it was time to create a faith-based mobile game for Android and iOS devices that have more than just graphics, but also something unique – Bible verses. My concern was that I didn’t just want to create another game with lots of Bible trivia quiz for kids that’s also filled with entertainment that would link to life-changing content. So, rather than try and out-do the supernatural impacting words of the Bible, I thought, how can we create a game that “is” the Bible?

bible versesAs I thought on it for many days, it got to the point where the concept of making a game that featured the “actual text” of the Bible, without changing the static-text itself, seemed completely ridiculous. Think about it. The text must be in the face of every player, without changing, so the life-changing impact of each Bible verse would not be modified in any way – seems like an impossible task, doesn’t it? Creating this interactive Bible games for youth seemed like a daunting task, but with the Spirit of the Lord guiding us we were able to put the pieces together efficiently.

Many ideas came to mind that were interesting to consider, but in the end, they were ineffective as a fun, healthy and addicting experience for gamers. And then, after several days of prayer, I feel the Lord answered. I remember exactly where I was when the primary game elements came to mind – concepts that would be fun and interesting. And within a month, a prototype Bible verses game was up-and-running.

For many months, I sought to find game developers to help, because it had been many years since I’d developed a game from scratch – and I had never before developed anything for the modern mobile platforms. Even for games like word link games free online, similar to our game, the design process was somewhat cumbersome and no funding was in place, either. So, without any income or funding, I sought out to learn a new programming language and development platform, as in times past.

My situation seemed as if I had to choose between developing Play The Bible for love of God and those in need of His saving grace, or only if money would arrive to pay me for it. Because I had years earlier become to believe that God’s calling on my life has been to be a prolific faith-based video game developer, I worked on it for 6 months – and then, family and friends chose to get involved. At first they too were skeptical about this interactive Bible games for youth that have actual Bible verses on it (I expected their instant reaction to be it’s a red flag for the mainstream audience), but approved of my idea later on.

bible versesWhen considering how best to present Bible text in the game, a lot of time and thought went into how the text could be displayed – choosing the right font was crucial, especially in view of the tiles and character spacing. We tried dozens of fonts and spacings before we found the right one. The artwork for the text and throughout the game was consistently being improved. As you can see, the final game screen looks far more interesting and appealing than that of the prototypes above.

When we considered how to display Bible verses in an easy-to-read format, we had other size and font considerations, too. Ultimately, we found a font that looked right, but due to errors within the font file, we had to write special code to properly handle line-spacing – a task that tested how committed we were to using an elegant and easy-on-the-eyes font. Now that’s a Bible trivia quiz for kids that I call, “fantastic!”


bible versesFrom the outset, we’ve wanted Play The Bible to be a useful tool for believers to introduce others to the Bible, with a focus on evangelism, so we partnered with CRU® to incorporate The Jesus Film (with more than 1500 languages) and other Jesus Film Media content, directly from the game’s navigation screen. As a result, in-between all levels, gamers have an opportunity to Know God and view Jesus Film Media.

bible versesWe also wanted to give players an opportunity to play and learn where some popular Bible characters were written about in the Bible. This will make the game particularly interesting as it includes interactive Bible games for youth. To introduce them, we created our own originally written biographies of our first 28 characters. To insure accuracy, we literally wrote everything in a spreadsheet first, with a Bible verses reference that was double-checked to support and justify every statement. This scientific approach was used to insure the integrity of God’s word would not change and that the biographies would be based upon scripture without error. It was laborious, but a joy to bring these characters to life – in each biography within the game – originally written material not available in any other game.

Of course, once we had developed a character section within the game, we then needed to show players how they were progressing through.

Since the time, the game has been in pre-release status. Here are just a few things that people have said.

bible versesThe best game in the world!” – Audrey Francis

Lots of fun!…great way to learn and memorize scripture” – Nathaniel Martinez

So entertaining. I love that I can still play it even when there’s no wifi.” – Isabelle F

I absolutely love it!” – LaSonia Cannon

Awesome way to review scripture” – Jane Davis

First Bible app game that is actually a fun way to become more familiar with verses” – Elisabeth Cawthon

If you are a game player, download Play The Bible Ultimate Verses.

If you are a game developer with an interest in making faith-based games with Bible verses in it, be encouraged to keep God’s words in a higher regard than any content that you can create yourself. Consider how you can present God’s word effectively, in context, in a new, fun and engaging way. Feel free to share your ideas for comment at “troy [at]”.

bible versesVery Kindly yours,

Troy L

Play The Bible Team Member

Play The Bible Ultimate Verses Main Features

Play The Bible Ultimate Verses is Unique

One important feature which differentiates Play The Bible Ultimate Verses from all other Bible-related games is the fact that actual Bible text is, without question, the ‘star’ of the game. The game reads it to you out loud consistently, while the words are in your face continually, in proper order, as you play.

5 Languages and numerous Translations

The game also has, on average, seven translations per language to appeal to various followers of historical manuscripts.

Ad Free and Free-to-Play

But perhaps what is most interesting features of Play The Bible Ultimate Verses are that the game are that it is ad-free and truly free-to-play. A gamer can pay money to support RD Games or to acquire moves and power-ups, but it’s not required. A gamer never has to pay money to advance to the highest levels. Once a gamer finds themselves without moves or in need of more power-ups, all they need to do is wait about 2 hours at a time, and ‘moves’ will regenerate to their original number. As gamers complete levels, they will earn gold bars and unlock premium features, including the unlocking of characters. Gamers have completed thousands upon thousands of levels without having to pay any money. Of course, we encourage purchases to help finance additional features and future games.

play the bible ultimate verses

Title Page Options:

  1. PLAY – This large button will take the gamer directly into the action with a single click.
  2. CONNECT – This button will give the player an opportunity to earn 50 gold bars by simply registering via Facebook, LinkedIn, Email or other method as we are looking to expand registration options.
  3. READ – Depending upon the licensed rights and translation chosen by the player, a gamer may be able to read the entire Bible, chapter by chapter, just as in most free Bible apps for Android phones. At the time of this writing, more than 90% of our supported translations enable Bible reading. And to make reading easier, we’ve added text-to-speech functionality so the text is reinforced audibly as you read the text.
  4. SETTINGS – You can A) share the game with friends and receive gold for every install that uses your customized link; B) add a church to our database; C) choose a different language or translation; D) view the Moses intro again; E) find out how to redeem your spirit points and F) if you haven’t yet registered, you can Connect (register) and earn 50 gold bars. You can also turn sound, music and speech on or off, as well as change the master volume.

Once you have clicked PLAY for the first time, you will be instructed to “Press any Tile to Start”. As you select each colored tile, the game will highlight various other tiles that you can move the selected tile to. The Play The Bible Ultimate Verses game will continue to help you in this manner for the first two levels. Keep in mind that if you click tiles too quickly, you should wait for the game to adjust and recommend the proper tiles – otherwise it may confuse you, as it lags behind players who move tiles to quickly without understanding what to do. So, take your time. You will learn how to play in just a couple of minutes. The game has lots of verse-related Bible trivia questions      that’s repackaged as a colored tile game and a word puzzle game combined.

play the bible ultimate verses

As you progress through the first 7 levels, you will be introduced to various game power-ups – all of which appear within the bottom icons of the main game screen. These power-ups include Swaps, Fireballs, Icebooms, Electrocons and Lightstrikes.

  • With a Swap power-up, gamers can exchange the position of tiles. This is especially useful when the board gets more filled.
  • The Fireball expands the power of the gamer to score an entire word, without having to individually move tiles to each letter.
  • The Iceball expands this same power to include an entire line of text.
  • The Electrocon goes a step further by empowering a gamer to score 3 lines at one time.
  • The Lightstrike is a useful way to score the entire board quickly and move on to the next level without losing valuable moves.

In between every level of Play The Bible Ultimate Verses, gamers can choose to upgrade the number of various power-ups available to them. You can exchange gold or purchase more gold with real money – although optional.

Easy-access icons are also available on the main game screen to access other game features including Settings, Help (?), Cart (Super Bundle Shop), Bible (Navigation) and Progress.

After passing level 10, a gamer will automatically see the Navigation choices.

Navigation Page Options:

  1. CHOOSE VERSE – choose from any verse from any book in the Bible
  2. CHOOSE NEXT LEVEL – go to the next unplayed verse
  3. CHOOSE NEXT VERSE – go to the very next verse in the Bible
  4. CHOOSE CHARACTER – once unlocked, you can choose from any of the game’s Bible characters to play verses where they appear in the Bible
  5. CHOOSE CHARACTER VERSE – this will play the next unplayed verse where your chosen character appears in the Bible
  6. KNOW GOD – this will open a web page, step you through the 4 Spiritual Laws and give you and give you an opportunity to come to faith or recommit your life to God
  7. JESUS FILM MEDIA – this will open a web page and give you all the video options available from The Jesus Film based upon your selected language

After passing level 15, a gamer automatically unlocks an Angel – also available as one of the icons at the bottom of the main game screen icon.

Play The Bible Ultimate Verses Angel Help Tips:

  1. You must click the Angel on every level where you want help. She will not help you unless you request her help.
  2. If 2 or more colors already exist in a word, she will attempt to move like-colors into the word for you.
  3. She works from left to right and when she finishes searching the entire board to help you, she’ll start searching again from the top of the board.
  4. To help her the most, place at least 2 matching colored tiles at the back of a word. She will then fill the rest of the word, assuming you keep other colored tiles from filling the same word.

play the bible ultimate verses

Once characters are unlocked, gamers will have access to character info and newly written biographies – each statement within every bio has been taken from and verified from scripture. No facts were assumed, and we used verification methods to insure the integrity of content. By doing this, Play The Bible Ultimate Verses includes character summaries of extraordinary quality not commonly found in similar works.

play the bible ultimate verses

In the Character Progress page, gamers can see how well they are completing the verses relating to each of the game’s Bible characters.

play the bible ultimate verses

After a gamer has registered via Connect, each time they play, they will have an opportunity to view their country and worldwide ranking from the Progress page.

Connected games will also have the opportunity to Join or Create (host) a multiplayer version of the game with friends.

Multiplayer Game features:

  1. Only friends you invite can join your game – this keeps unknown people away
  2. A no-chat feature keeps gamers safe from other people’s comments
  3. Game hosts can design levels for customized event experiences defining:
    1. Verse
    2. Level of Difficulty
    3. Number of Power-ups
    4. Music

play the bible ultimate verses

In summary, Play The Bible Ultimate Verses has been designed to provide you with hundreds of hours of fun as you learn scripture in a new, unique gaming experience.

Bible Games for Adults Online that Appeal to Millennials

Play The Bible is Not Just Only for Kids, but for Grown Ups as well, in Fact, there are Hundreds of Bible Games for Adults Online that you can Find

In a world full of technological wonders, all traditional things are left out of people’s schedules while other activities like fun outdoor activities, getting to know people, reading the Bible or contemplating the divine have become almost irrelevant. Some Bible verse games for kids coupled with meditating on God’s Word, through prayer, was a school activity not so long ago, but now everybody’s hooked to their phones. Even young adults and millennials suffer relationship problems due to their inability to concentrate on their partners. Apparently, it’s not just SMS or MMS that keeps people interested in their mobile devices, but game apps as games for adults online

But a new series of games are emerging that will provide opportunities for adults to share valuable, biblical insights to this next generation of youth. Shouldn’t the purpose of every adult Bible believer be to share and teach about a relationship with God with the youth?

Seeking an Alternative?

We might as well accept this rather undesirable turn that technology has taken, for better or worse, depending on how you see progress. Truth be told, the game apps found in Google App Store and Apple’s App Store are very entertaining indeed! One could go through any of these app stores and instantly get hooked on a game or several within minutes. Some mobile game apps are so satisfying that they even make it to the general audience via internet or word-of-mouth marketing by those who have experienced the games first hand.

To that end, RD Games, a US-based faith-based developer of web and mobile apps took the initiative to create Bible games for adults online. The goal of their initiative is to pursue their belief that Bible-based mobile game apps can get the same amount of attention as secular mobile game apps. The result is the creation of their first Play The Bible mobile game app. This feature-rich mobile game app was designed to rival current apps in terms of their entertainment quality.

These Bible games for adults online are unique because they provide moral and spiritual lessons – more than just fun for the players.

The heavily lopsided mobile game apps available today focus on eye-candy, but they make very little effort to put value in their apps. Play The Bible has lots of interesting Bible trivia questions and answers that achieve parity bible games for adults onlinebetween game quality and value at the same time.

Why Christians Need to Find Bible Games for Adults Online

The American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics recently talked to US President Donald Trump about video game violence and have unanimously agreed that about 85% or more of video games on the market contain some form of violence. They also stated that around 97% of children between the ages of 12 and 17 play these kinds of video games online, on a game console or a mobile device. The truth is literally begging us to intervene and if we refuse, then maybe one day we’ll wake up to an entirely different future! Play The Bible includes tons of fun Bible verse games for kids that may slowly, but surely reel these wayward kids back to a moral safe haven.

If you ask children what they really think about the Bible without any interference from adults who has a polarized view of the world, kids are actually honest and will most likely want to learn more about this sacred book that gives hope to billions. With Play The Bible, children will have lots of time to play with their adult relatives, so you see, Bible games for adults online provide opportunities to share biblical values. The new game will help develop their psyche to one that has a positive outlook, see their value through the eyes of God and not man, and encourage them to become more responsible as they become acquainted with each Bible verse.

Salvation Digitized

This isn’t the first time that the message of the Gospel has transcended into different mediums. In fact, if you follow bible games for adults onlinethe events of the Bible since Genesis, you will notice that it all started with Moses’ Ten Commandments, then it was passed on and written down in the Torah, then it was translated into Greek, then Latin, then English and now it has been digitized. Play The Bible, as one of the many Bible games for adults online that you will find in app stores, is the latest example of God’s word transcending into another medium which is the digital space as we call it today.

The message of the Bible has been resilient. It has survived thousands of persecutions, scrutiny and critics in various parts of the world – this is significant. We hope to see it’s message of hope distributed throughout the entire world in digital space to help Christians share it to save one soul at a time.

A Brief Overview of the Play The Bible Experience

First of all, Play The Bible isn’t a cheap knock off of any game at all. If anything, this game has great visuals and is on par with other mid-tier and high-end mobile game apps. The in-game stories and voice narrations will make you feel like you were teleported back in time to 2500 BC when the Israelites migrated from Egypt to Canaan in a great exodus! The colored tile games are actually quite challenging for a faith-based game and one psychiatrist even noted that the game is designed to stimulate the memory cortex of the brain as well as enhance each gamer’s intelligence.

bible games for adults onlineThis game will instantly become your favorite once you start playing it, and although there are numerous Bible games for adults online to choose from in the app stores, this one will undoubtedly become a classic with many new versions to come soon.

While the Gospel remains the Bible’s narrative, Play The Bible allows players to share important biblical truths without fellow gamers feeling preached to. Play The Bible uses each players desire solve puzzle games to find, learn and know the life-changing truth of God’s Word. Isn’t it amazing?

Books of the Bible Games for Kids with High Entertainment Value

The Bible, perhaps, is one of the – if not THE greatest – book of all time. It tells of seemingly obscure stories, yet it’s words have withstood the test time. In this age of modern technology some people find it hard to understand why the Bible still matters. Some set it aside and believe books of the Bible games for kids and other faith-based games are nice, but not to taken seriously. But the Holy Spirit finds new opportunities to nourish souls when people see a dry desert of hopelessness.

books of the bible games for kidsWhat is this new Play The Bible Game All About?

RD Games, the creator and publisher of Play The Bible, concluded from their research that there is a need for believers to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a place where the Word of God exists, but where is it often presented in a manner that frequently omits an opportunity for an app user or gamer to accept Christ as savior and Lord. There are other apps, too, for anything and everything from diary planners, to alarm clocks, to social media widgets for mobile users, first person shooting games, strategy games, and even free online word games.

Compared with other Bible apps and faith-based games, Play The Bible is one of the most effective tools for learning Bible verses. For example, in Bible apps, you read a verse and move on. In Bible games, developers do often present scripture – this is great. However, Play The Bible takes it to another level by reading each verse outloud and then by employing great gameplay techniques to cause the gamer to soak-in that verse over the next minute or two. These techniques make Play The Bible one of the most intimate experiences of God’s Word available anywhere, in any medium.

RD Games developed this new game to incorporate books of the Bible games for kids and you can download it now from most app stores for mobile devices.

Play The Bible is primarily a uniquely created app in a world of many word puzzle games that incorporates colored tiles. However, it’s tile color matching is unique. Bonus rounds appear frequently between stages and you are then prompted with a multiple choice question or a fill-in-the-blank quiz. You can earn a higher score, gold bars and spirit points each time you complete a level.

How do people feel about a modern device perpetuating an ancient faith?

books of the bible games for kidsThat is not how we see it exactly; in fact, the Bible becomes more and more relevant when the world doesn’t make sense. For instance, recent studies reveal that kids between the ages of 9 – 18 have a very high level of stress and are probably suffering from depression due to social media – which has brought peer pressure into another destructive realm. These stresses upon children coincides with the number of suicide rates per country every year and the numbers are growing! Where can depressed people find help? We believe answers can be found in the scriptures. And books of the Bible games for kids might help.

People often just take for granted the power of the scriptures – God’s Holy Word. These words have the power to change people’s lives in a very positive way. We hope to offer peace of mind and hope in the Word of God besides currently available free online word games that other game developers regularly advertise to you check out. Perhaps we can even use online platforms to get people back into the real world, face the challenges in their lives and live above them through the empowerment of God’s grace through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Why we Decided to Create a faith-based Books of The Bible Games for Kids

When we first thought of the idea of having kids and adults play a game where the scriptures will be shown on the screen all the time, ridiculous. However, we developed it further with lots of input coming in from friends and family it got better and better. Going back to our faith we realized that there was no reason to be ashamed of Jesus and his gospel and that our mission was to share the gospel and not just make money like any normal digital company does. So we were convinced that we’re on the right track and God will guide us through if we just have faith in him. The result is an amazing books of the Bible games for kids that we call Play The Bible.

Everything that you’re Looking for in a Game

The beta testers of Play The Bible gave very positive reviews and only a few of them talked about the scripture verses books of the bible games for kidsin it. Normally, people will only say nice things about your product to avoid offending you, and even those who give honest but negative reviews are not out for blood – they’ll just tell you that your game is not that good. However, that’s not what the reception of the Play The Bible received. Most people gave very honest reviews about how they felt when they tried to play for the first time. They were often more interested in learn about the overall features of the game without for the verses the Bible confronts them with.

Play The Bible turns the scriptures into an in-your-face message that will help people both consciously and unconsciously discover salvation. On the surface, Play The Bible is another of many quality word puzzle games, but underneath it all, it is a tool for saving souls.

Play The Bible is useful because:
1. It brings ancient scriptures into today’s, modern and technological era in a culturally relevant manner; and
2. It helps spread the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ to most of the world.

If you haven’t played yet, be sure to visit and download it for yourself from the app stores. Then, enjoy as it tests your knowledge, considered one of the best books of the Bible games for kids. Play and see how well you know the Bible today!

Bible Games: A Modern Day Tool for Bringing This Generation Closer to God

Nowadays, people are become more uncertain their faith. It’s a challenging topic to discuss with friends and family members, more so than ever. But why is this so? The influx of modern-day technology might hold the key answer to this.

This modern world has a drastic difference from the world that Jesus lived in. Aside from the massive improvements in technology, the shift in worldviews shaped by various ideologies and their differences has become more polarized than ever. Now, we have a multicultural and connected world where big-tech companies benefit from our differences, while they courage us to have conflicts with those who don’t share our views or values.

bible gamesDespite the world’s turmoil because of this divide, there is still one thing that can bind us together – and this is faith. Jesus lived to teach us to love our neighbors and ourselves. The Bible teaches us that faith, hope, and love are important virtues for achieving peace and unity with others.

Parts of the Bible, the Old Testament, was written before Jesus came, whereas the New Testament was written after Jesus came, to tell us of Jesus, his life, his miracles and His message of salvation to all of us.

Jesus was the foretold Messiah, as He fulfilled Bible’s prophecies, one after the other. The Bible is also one of the best-selling books of all time, as recorded by the Guinness World Records, with more than 5 billion copies distributed worldwide.

Being that this modern era steers further and further away from physical books, there is a new way to bring the Bible to this current generation: through video and mobile games. This is why new mobile apps like RD Games’ Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz Games were created.


Play The Bible: Have Fun While Learning Scripture

If you want to help your friends and family experience the Bible, consider RD Games’ Bible game apps, which are fun and educational for all ages and can be enjoyed on Android and iOS devices.

If you download Play The Bible: Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz, you have virtually free access to an enjoyable word matching game that unlocks Bible verses. You’ll discover more and more of the Bible and learn by verses where your favorite characters appear in scripture.

Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz also features high-quality graphics, character-based progress charts, and rewards to provide players with more chances of earning in-game gold.

Multiplayer modes are included, too! You can invite your friends to play one-on-one or in groups of 10 or more. Have fun with family and friends while helping to spread God’s Word!

Why are Bible Games Necessary?

We cannot deny that with the advent of the commercially-driven mobile app industry, video games tend to steer farther and farther away from Bible-focused content with Godly values. There is now a gap in cyberspace for God and the Bible. For this reason, we need to develop more Bible Games.

Many difficulties will be encountered if we passively allow the ongoing, gradual disconnect of our new generation from God and Christian mobile apps. Unfortunately, some people commonly link learning about the Bible and reading the Word of God as something that is not enjoyable. We would not want our world to completely forget all about the teachings of God. And here is where we can use entertainment as a powerful means to share God’s word with others.

Mobile game apps like those made by RD Games and other Play The Bible branded games aim to shift this disconnecting trend in a more positive direction. Gamers will be more interested in learning about God through evangelism if given fun games to play.

It is important to understand that Bible Games can grab the attention of players. Currently, today’s Christian games have been installed by millions with the potential to soar higher and become more important in the future virtual space that is becoming known as the Metaverse.

Christian Missionaries and Evangelists will Increase their use of Bible Games

The strategy of spreading the word of God and the teachings of Jesus has drastically changed as the world has become more connected. Back in the 1990s, the term 10/40 Window was used to refer to the parts of the world least reached by Christian preachers. Essentially, it is an area between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator.

But, this was the case before the rise of technology. How about today? Given the virtual landscape, introducing this generation to Bible Games and apps is now more possible than ever.

In Conclusion

bible gamesFun, educational, enjoyable, and interactive – these are the ingredients needed to encourage more people to use Bible Games and apps. We look forward to seeing more people connect with God through these interactive experiences as we seek to encourage the faithful and save the lost!


Christian Video Games – A Healthy Alternative

With the influx of newer technology, toys commonly used by children are shifting from the usual playset. Nowadays, it is common to see children prefer to play mobile and online games or gaming consoles with their friends. A Healthy Alternative would be Christian video games.

Video games sales continue to skyrocket as they have continually for decades. Video games are fun and exciting, hence, more children seek to find satisfaction by playing.

The entertainment industry that produces these games for kids does not consider what values are needed to grow a healthy generation of children. In fact, prevalent theses of violence, bloodshed and sexuality do not positively impact kids during their important, developmental years. Unfortunately, merely rating games such as “Teen”, “Mature” or “18+” do not prevent children from seeing and experiencing this content.

christian mobile game appsSome of the famous violent and blood-shed-themed games like Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, and Urban Reign might have already reached the fingertips of your children. As parents, we want to teach godly virtues to our kids. And this may be impossible to achieve unless we pay attention and influence what they are playing.

How Can You Teach Your Children to Choose Positive Thinking and Choose Games with appropriate Content like Christian video games?

If you let your children run free and play whatever they want, it would be tough to filter out content for them later on. On the other hand, there would be rebellion and frustration if you make you unapologetically monitor your children without explaining why.

To help you manage your children’s gaming choices, here are some tips that might help you out:

  1. Do your best to participate in selecting your child’s video games. Yes, you do not have control over everything that sprouts from the internet, but you do have the power to educate your kids on what is ethical and godly from games which are not. Moreover, it would be best to go further and explain why this game is bad and why another is good. Propper reasoning with your child is key.
  2. Encourage Christian video games to help promote virtues taught by Jesus. Along with the growth of popular media, Christian video games are becoming more interesting while improving in quality! These games are a great way to steer your kids from too much violence, sexual and inappropriate content.
  3. Remind your children that playing video games is not a necessity. It is best not to let them become too dependent on games and help them to see game playing as a reward for a long day at school. Teach them that video games are a luxury. Try exposing your child to different Christian video games as an healthier alternative to other less rewarding games they play.

Excellent Bible Game Mobile Apps To Download For Your Kids

“Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 is an excellent verse to live by when helping our children understand the importance of learning about the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.

Here are three Bible game mobile apps that are sure to improve your kid’s child’s inclination toward Christ and the Bible, while having fun!

  1. SuperBook Kids Bible

SuperBook is a quality game that features animated videos that are sure to capture children’s interest. The best part about this mobile app is its ability to connect kids of all ages to the teachings of the Bible!

SuperBook Kids Bible Christian video games

Superbook also features the Holy Bible and its stories take players should chapter by chapter. After a few rounds of teaching, players can enjoy activity games or a quiz to facilitate comprehension.

If you want to learn the Bible with easy-to-understand stories, daily verses, complete with an audio Bible, you can download Superbook on Google’s Play Store for Android and the Appstore for iOS.

  1. Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz Game

Christian video games

Jesus Bible Trivia Chalenge is a unique trivia game that tests your knowledge and gives you the opportunity to learn as you play to keep the highest right-answer-accuracy possible! You can play awhile every day for free, forever, but if you answer the questions accurately, you can play straight through until you finish.

  1. Guardians of Ancora

Guardians of Ancora

In Conclusion

As parents, you should consider helping your kids understand how to grow closer to God in everything. Despite the hindrances offered in today’s world and other secular games, Bible games offer you an opportunity to influence them. Teach them to choose games which are both fun and beneficial to their in lives, especially Bible games which will help them on their journey of faith in Christ Jesus!

Is Video Game Violence Impacting My Child?

Every child deserves to have a fun hobby that they can enjoy with their friends. However, there are many video game violence nowadays.

A survey found that almost all kids from 12 to 17 years old play video game violence This may not be alarming at first since video games are what technology brought to our modern life. However, the same study noted that two-thirds of the kids asked had played violence-themed video games. Another study supports this finding because half of the games contain violent content. And, more than 90% of video games for 10-year-old kids and above have such themes!

The American Academy of Pediatrics always warns parents to understand how violence seen by children from games, media, and news can be bad for them.

Recent studies conducted to know if exposing violent video games to children are related to their future aggressive behavior is mixed. Some studies will say they found a link between the two, while others say only an indirect link is observed. For instance, other factors cause aggressive behaviors in children; coincidentally, the child also plays violent video games.

Despite these conflicting observations, do you think that having extra measures to monitor your child’s exposure to these violent games are beneficial for them? Of course, it is never wrong to be concerned about how much exposure your child has to different violence in the news, magazines, and video games. Every child is different from others. There may be an impact on your child that is yet unknown by researchers.

When thinking about video game violence and the development of aggressive behavior, let us consider Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

Violence in games is never something we can consider “just,” “pure,” or “honorable.” If we as parents do not proactively manage our children’s exposure to violence, their Godly values may be negatively impacted. Children can grow to become desensitized to violence. This could result in leading your child astray from the peaceful teachings of faith, hope and love for one another.

Play The Bible: Prevent video game violence

If you want a safe game for your child, consider RD Games’ Bible game apps, which are fun and educational for all ages.

When playing Play The Bible: Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz, you have virtually free access to a word matching game that unlocks Bible verses. Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz features high-quality graphics and character-based progress charts. You can invite your friends to play one-on-one or in groups of 10 or more.

Video Game Addiction in Kids: Recognize the Signs Early!

It is common to see children participating in fun hobbies or homework after school. Some common pastimes for kids is watching television or playing video games. Nowadays, there is an ever increasing trend for video games addiction to play computer or console games and/or mobile game apps. To be precise, a survey mentioned that 72% of teens play games.

Parents need to pay attention to what is good or bad for their kids. For example, some positive-thinking Bible games have mental health benefits because they help kids learn more about and grow closer to God, learning virtues taught in the Bible. More importantly, such games provide a healthy alternative to much of the games filled with adult themes, violence and/or inappropriate content.

Aside from knowing which games are good for kids, parents should monitor how long their child plays video games, learn about and educate them to potential harmful effects on their mind and growth.

Signs of Unhealthy Video Games Addiction in Children

Unhealthy gaming is a term coined by the World Health Organization. This is a worldwide health issue where individuals too hooked on gaming experience several symptoms. Be alert if your child shows any combination of the following symptoms:

  • Your child is too obsessed with their game, such that they often feel irritable, sad, and anxious when you suddenly take their games away.
  • The child cannot stop playing more games, and you cannot control their game time.
  • You notice that your child is no longer interested in other activities they previously enjoyed. They now choose gaming above other activities.
  • Your child becomes unwilling to participate in social activities like family time, church, or spending time with friends.
  • Some physical symptoms due to prolonged exposure to their screens include nausea, headaches, or blurred vision.

How to Avoid Unhealthy Gaming in Kids

video game addiction

If violence and inappropriate content in video games are invading your child’s mind, taking some extra steps to keep them away from it is essential. Here are some tips for doing it:

  • Participate in the planning of your child’s game consumption. Distribute an equal balance between homework, sleep, exercise, and healthy playtime. Try introducing them to mobile games, such as games from RD Games and other games promoting bible-based entertainment.
  • Keep an eye out for what your child downloads on their mobile device. Having access to apps is very easy nowadays, and it is getting easier to inadvertently expose your child to highly addictive games.
  • Play the games with your kids. There are lots of games that are designed to be enjoyed together. Choosing these games can help you monitor what your child plays while spending memorable times with them.

As a parent, you can consider Bibles games a fantastic opportunity to play and learn healthy, Godly virtues, while still having fun; this will keep your kids away from addicting games which perpetuate adult themes, violence and inappropriate content. You can try RD Games’ Bible game apps, Play The Bible: Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz, which are fun and educational and can be enjoyed on Android and iOS devices.

Video Games Violence Targeting Kids

One of the most enjoyable past times for our kids has been playing games. This helps improve their hand-eye coordination and it contributes to social relationships with their friends, albeit not as beneficial as in-person socialization. Because of the modern era, games played by children have changed. There are a lot of video games violence targeting kids.

As parents, we must remain vigilant of video games. Some mobile apps are kid-friendly, entertaining, and educational! Unfortunately, the gaming world is filled with games that contain adult themes that are inappropriate for your kids.

For example, let us look at the mobile app “Episode.” This game makes the player Video Games Violencechoose their story by making their character make biased choices. You might think that this can improve your child’s decision-making skills, but do not be fooled! This game is filled with inappropriate themes like sexual content, homosexuality, and adultery. Despite being rated as “T for Teen,” do you want your teens to play this game? We would not want our children to learn stained values that would make them stray farther from the values taught by our Savior.

It is difficult to base the kid-friendliness of a game based on its rating. For instance, the app “Project Makeover” is rated as a game for everyone, with no age restrictions. But how about the theme of this game? This app contains ideas about homosexuality and even promotes oversexualized outfits.

I am not trying to say that children must not play games. However, our duty as parents is to supervise what our kids play, especially in these apps. It is very easy for these adult themes and inappropriate topics to slip into our kid’s minds without identifying them.

How to prevent video games violence

These are just two examples, but mobile apps and other video games with similar adult themes swarm the modern media. Modern society may be the reason these kinds of themes are prevalent, promote a very liberal mindset where everything is accepted as correct. Unfortunately, this leads to many contradicting acts that are not good choices consistent with biblically moral values.

Society’s perception of what is right and wrong has changed such that is has become easy for some to believe such views and cloud their moral compass. Do not be discouraged from following God’s teachings. He teaches us all about what is right and just according to His will.

Because of the oversaturation of inappropriate adult themes, your child may be unable to escape it. As a parent, you have to teach your child what is right and wrong yourselves. If you find yourself frustrated at your child’s stubbornness, take a deep breath and remember that your guidance is God’s will. You can only do this effectively if you choose to love them no matter what with kindness, similar to how Jesus teaches us about His never-ending love.

Avoid letting your guard down, as exposure to inappropriate themes in apps and games can heavily impact your child’s life choices. Teach them well to be humble followers of Christ who know the spiritual choices that make the Lord happy and lead to the best life..

Are you looking for a mobile app that is educational and free from inappropriate themes? Download RD Game’s Bible game apps, Play The Bible: Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz now! These are fantastic apps that lets your child learn the words of God in different ways. You will not have to worry about your child’s exposure to inappropriate content that can negatively impact their worldview. Be blessed and pursue games with good moral values!

Christmas is About Jesus, Not Material Gifts!

Children are always excited to unwrap their Christmas gifts. This is natural as it has been a tradition in most families worldwide. Of course, parents love to see their children happy to open their delicately wrapped gifts.

God has always been generous and wants us to obtain joy from gift-giving. christmasBut too much of some things becomes unhealthy. Materialism is a problem we Christians must combat, especially during holiday seasons. Because of commercialism, we are forced to think that holidays are incomplete without emptying our pockets on store-bought gifts.

Celebrating the True Value of Christmas with Your Kids

To avoid the materialistic culture, embrace Advent in a way that Christ would want for your family. Here are some creative ideas to think about and try:

  1. Spend Christmas with a family in need. Jesus came and lived with us because He loved us. His love was showered upon us, and He taught us to do the same to our neighbors. Giving to a family in need this Advent is one way to internalize Christ’s values.
  2. Build a “kindness-candy-cane tree.” This is a fun, crafty, and generous activity to do with your kids. Make a Styrofoam board where your children can decorate with candy canes. Tell your kids that one candy cane means they did an act of kindness to others. Whether giving a gift to a friend, helping an elderly person cross the street, or picking up trash, have them place candy canes on the block. The goal is to have the board filled with candies as a sign of their overflowing generosity towards others.
  3. Hand-craft your Christmas decors. A fun activity with your family is getting together and hand-crafting DIY Christmas decors. Add a personal touch to your decorations and display them in your living room, kitchen, or outdoors!
  4. Bake for the elderly at a local nursing home. As much as kids love cookies and fudge, nursing homes would be overjoyed to see your family stop by to give them treats!
  5. Bake a cake in celebration of Christ’s birth. You can also spend time with your kids baking and decorating a birthday cake for Jesus. This is also a good time to explain to your kids how God’s son is the best gift given to us on Christmas.

Christmas is not only about giving material gifts; it can be considered as symbolism representing God’s gift of life and salvation to us. RD Games Bible game apps can contribute to our appreciation for Jesus and for a meaningful and joyful holiday season. We sincerely hope you experience love and happiness as we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

New Year’s Resolutions God’s Way

It is best to welcome the New Year filled with hope and determination to change ourselves for the better. Promising ourselves to do better with ourselves through our New Year’s resolution is a common thing worldwide, even for Americans. A Global Consumer survey revealed that 39% of American adults have their New Year’s resolutions ready as they face the New Year. Some typical resolutions include wanting to exercise more, eat healthier, and lose weight. Moreover, 21% of these American adults have a modern resolution: one out of five wants to spend less time scrolling through social media.

There is nothing wrong with having positive New Year’s resolutions to bring in the new year. The Bible is not against this at all. God wants our hearts to be filled with positive energy to become healthier individuals that do good for year's resolutions

As much as we plan resolutions, there is something about it that causes us to sometimes fail in keeping to them. It may be due to inadequate motivation, lack of patience, or the tendency to avoid being adaptable to change.

We may fail to plan for ourselves because of our limitations as humans, but God always has the bigger answers to our problems. Let us review Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the plans I Have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.

God is generous with us. As we walk closer to Him and practice His teachings, we seem to sometimes unravel His plans for us. So, the best resolution we can have this New Year is to focus on building our relationship with Him.

Of course, you may find commitment a challenge, like any other New Year’s resolution. Work, family, friends, career, or school are filled with many hindrances that seem to pull us away from God. However, do not forget that everything will fall into place if we focus on establishing a better relationship with Him.

The Road To Good New Year’s Resolutions

Are you having a hard time constructing your New Year’s resolutions? First, consider building strong motivation to commit to reading the Bible daily. This Holy Book is the best way to learn and understand God’s message of love and hope. If we open our hearts and minds, God’s words can help us through all our endeavors. Remember what Paul the Apostle said in Thessalonians 2:13, When you received from us the word of God’s message, you accepted it not as the word of men, but for what it really is, the word of God, which also performs its work in you who believe.

Second, try your best to become a better person for Him, yourself and others. As much as you establish your relationship with Christ, keep the same momentum by loving your neighbors. John I 4:7-8 mentions that God gave us the ability to love, and “whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.” Spread his word, along with love, kindness, and generosity!

New Year’s resolutions are commitments best made with the leading and guidance of God. RD Games’ Bible game apps are here to bring blessings to you. May Christ bring your burdens at ease and help you soar higher this year!