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Christmas is About Jesus, Not Material Gifts!


Children are always excited to unwrap their Christmas gifts. This is natural as it has been a tradition in most families worldwide. Of course, parents love to see their children happy to open their delicately wrapped gifts.

God has always been generous and wants us to obtain joy from gift-giving. christmasBut too much of some things becomes unhealthy. Materialism is a problem we Christians must combat, especially during holiday seasons. Because of commercialism, we are forced to think that holidays are incomplete without emptying our pockets on store-bought gifts.

Celebrating the True Value of Christmas with Your Kids

To avoid the materialistic culture, embrace Advent in a way that Christ would want for your family. Here are some creative ideas to think about and try:

  1. Spend Christmas with a family in need. Jesus came and lived with us because He loved us. His love was showered upon us, and He taught us to do the same to our neighbors. Giving to a family in need this Advent is one way to internalize Christ’s values.
  2. Build a “kindness-candy-cane tree.” This is a fun, crafty, and generous activity to do with your kids. Make a Styrofoam board where your children can decorate with candy canes. Tell your kids that one candy cane means they did an act of kindness to others. Whether giving a gift to a friend, helping an elderly person cross the street, or picking up trash, have them place candy canes on the block. The goal is to have the board filled with candies as a sign of their overflowing generosity towards others.
  3. Hand-craft your Christmas decors. A fun activity with your family is getting together and hand-crafting DIY Christmas decors. Add a personal touch to your decorations and display them in your living room, kitchen, or outdoors!
  4. Bake for the elderly at a local nursing home. As much as kids love cookies and fudge, nursing homes would be overjoyed to see your family stop by to give them treats!
  5. Bake a cake in celebration of Christ’s birth. You can also spend time with your kids baking and decorating a birthday cake for Jesus. This is also a good time to explain to your kids how God’s son is the best gift given to us on Christmas.

Christmas is not only about giving material gifts; it can be considered as symbolism representing God’s gift of life and salvation to us. RD Games Bible game apps can contribute to our appreciation for Jesus and for a meaningful and joyful holiday season. We sincerely hope you experience love and happiness as we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.