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Dodging Christmas Materialism: It’s About Jesus not Gifts


Remember what the True Meaning of Christmas is – Jesus Showed Us that in the Cross

purchase isotretinoin online It’s natural. As parents, we enjoy giving gifts to our children—just as God enjoys giving His best to us. However, it’s easy to fall prey to the materialism monster—especially during the holidays. Commercialism is out in force, tempting christmasus to purchase “true happiness” at the local discount store. And while there’s nothing wrong with sharing Christmas gifts with our kids, it’s important to remember that the gift we’re really celebrating is far more valuable than anything we could ever afford. This year, try really Rāmnagar celebrating Christmas with your family. Rather than making the holidays a season of stressful buying and frantic preparation, embrace Advent in a new way with these creative ideas.

  1. Adopt a family in need. Jesus spent his life on earth ministering to the physically and spiritually needy, and before he returned to heaven, he called us to do the same. As your family purchases clothing, food and toys for a family living on the margins, you’ll discover why giving to “the least of these” allows you to live more abundantly, as well.
  2. Create a candy cane tree. Purchase a supply of candy canes and a large Styrofoam block from your local craft store. Each time your children engage in acts of kindness toward friends or family, have them place candy canes in the foam block. Make it your goal to create an overflowing “candy cane tree” by the time Christmas arrives.
  3. Make homemade Christmas decorations. Rather than spending money on holiday decor, make it a family tradition to craft decorations from scratch. As you add to your homespun Christmas collection each year, remember to give homemade items a place of honor in your family room, living room or kitchen.
  4. Bake cookies for a nursing home. Many nursing home residents don’t have regular visitors, so they’ll be delighted to see your family drop off cookies and fudge—and stay to chat with them for a while.
  5. Spend Christmas Eve making a birthday cake for Jesus. Encouraging children to help bake, frost and decorate a birthday cake is a great way to wrap up the Advent season. As you share the dessert, remind children that the gifts exchanged on Christmas morning symbolize the most precious gift of all—God’s son.

The Greatest Gift of Christmas was God’s Gift of Forgiveness of Sins, Salvation and Eternal Life

Friedrichshafen This year, the RD Games/Play The Bible family would like to wish you a joyful Christmas filled with meaningful traditions, and a New Year filled with blessings. May you experience love, happiness—and the true joy of Jesus’ birth.