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Books of the Bible Games for Kids with High Entertainment Value

books of the bible games for kids

The Bible, perhaps, is one of the – if not THE greatest – book of all time. It tells of seemingly obscure stories, yet it’s words have withstood the test time. In this age of modern technology some people find it hard to understand why the Bible still matters. Some set it aside and believe books of the Bible games for kids and other faith-based games are nice, but not to taken seriously. But the Holy Spirit finds new opportunities to nourish souls when people see a dry desert of hopelessness.

books of the bible games for kidsWhat is this new Play The Bible Game All About?

RD Games, the creator and publisher of Play The Bible, concluded from their research that there is a need for believers to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a place where the Word of God exists, but where is it often presented in a manner that frequently omits an opportunity for an app user or gamer to accept Christ as savior and Lord. There are other apps, too, for anything and everything from diary planners, to alarm clocks, to social media widgets for mobile users, first person shooting games, strategy games, and even free online word games.

Compared with other Bible apps and faith-based games, Play The Bible is one of the most effective tools for learning Bible verses. For example, in Bible apps, you read a verse and move on. In Bible games, developers do often present scripture – this is great. However, Play The Bible takes it to another level by reading each verse outloud and then by employing great gameplay techniques to cause the gamer to soak-in that verse over the next minute or two. These techniques make Play The Bible one of the most intimate experiences of God’s Word available anywhere, in any medium.

RD Games developed this new game to incorporate books of the Bible games for kids and you can download it now from most app stores for mobile devices.

Play The Bible is primarily a uniquely created app in a world of many word puzzle games that incorporates colored tiles. However, it’s tile color matching is unique. Bonus rounds appear frequently between stages and you are then prompted with a multiple choice question or a fill-in-the-blank quiz. You can earn a higher score, gold bars and spirit points each time you complete a level.

How do people feel about a modern device perpetuating an ancient faith?

books of the bible games for kidsThat is not how we see it exactly; in fact, the Bible becomes more and more relevant when the world doesn’t make sense. For instance, recent studies reveal that kids between the ages of 9 – 18 have a very high level of stress and are probably suffering from depression due to social media – which has brought peer pressure into another destructive realm. These stresses upon children coincides with the number of suicide rates per country every year and the numbers are growing! Where can depressed people find help? We believe answers can be found in the scriptures. And books of the Bible games for kids might help.

People often just take for granted the power of the scriptures – God’s Holy Word. These words have the power to change people’s lives in a very positive way. We hope to offer peace of mind and hope in the Word of God besides currently available free online word games that other game developers regularly advertise to you check out. Perhaps we can even use online platforms to get people back into the real world, face the challenges in their lives and live above them through the empowerment of God’s grace through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Why we Decided to Create a faith-based Books of The Bible Games for Kids

When we first thought of the idea of having kids and adults play a game where the scriptures will be shown on the screen all the time, ridiculous. However, we developed it further with lots of input coming in from friends and family it got better and better. Going back to our faith we realized that there was no reason to be ashamed of Jesus and his gospel and that our mission was to share the gospel and not just make money like any normal digital company does. So we were convinced that we’re on the right track and God will guide us through if we just have faith in him. The result is an amazing books of the Bible games for kids that we call Play The Bible.

Everything that you’re Looking for in a Game

The beta testers of Play The Bible gave very positive reviews and only a few of them talked about the scripture verses books of the bible games for kidsin it. Normally, people will only say nice things about your product to avoid offending you, and even those who give honest but negative reviews are not out for blood – they’ll just tell you that your game is not that good. However, that’s not what the reception of the Play The Bible received. Most people gave very honest reviews about how they felt when they tried to play for the first time. They were often more interested in learn about the overall features of the game without for the verses the Bible confronts them with.

Play The Bible turns the scriptures into an in-your-face message that will help people both consciously and unconsciously discover salvation. On the surface, Play The Bible is another of many quality word puzzle games, but underneath it all, it is a tool for saving souls.

Play The Bible is useful because:
1. It brings ancient scriptures into today’s, modern and technological era in a culturally relevant manner; and
2. It helps spread the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ to most of the world.

If you haven’t played yet, be sure to visit and download it for yourself from the app stores. Then, enjoy as it tests your knowledge, considered one of the best books of the Bible games for kids. Play and see how well you know the Bible today!