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Recognizing the Signs: The Pervasive Nature of Video Game Addiction

video game addiction

Video Game Addiction is Just Like any Other Form of Addiction and it can be Treated

order cenforce without prescription For many children, too many after-school and weekend hours are spent watching TV or playing video and PC games—especially when parents aren’t home to control media consumption. In our other articles in this Games with Values video game addictionand Verses segment, we discussed the mental benefits of games like Play The Bible—things like reduced tension, distraction from pain, improved patience and advanced hand-eye coordination. And while it’s important to understand the positive qualities of today’s media options, it’s also critical for parents to (1) control PC game use by children/teens, and (2) educate themselves about the dangers of video game addiction.

can you buy Lyrica in mexico You’re probably thinking, “Not my kid.” Or—you may be wondering if your child is really addicted. Watch for the following symptoms of unhealthy game obsession:

  • Disinterest in playing outdoors or engaging in physical activity
  • Family conversation dominated by PC game banter
  • Increasing unwillingness to help around the house, participate in family time, read, go to church or spend time with friends
  • Confrontational attitude or constant complaining when asked to turn off a game
  • Falling asleep in school
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Physical concerns like nausea, headaches, blurred vision, repetitive motion injuries and hypertension

order ivermectin mastercard How can you protect your family against this toxic, worldly problem? First, recognize the danger. Like a drug problem, video game addiction is pervasive—seeping into every area of your family’s life. Next, make sure you’re monitoring your kids’ gaming choices and restricting game time—even when kids are playing healthy games like Play The Bible. Remind kids that God time, family time, homework and relationships come first—and model that for your children on a daily basis.

When it comes to Video Game Addiction the Best Remedy would be Parenting your Children and Guide them to the Good Morals in Life

For more practical tips about preventing—and managing—video game addiction, look into our other articles in this segment. In the meantime, visit Play The Bible often to find new games that are family-friendly, Biblically focused entertainment you can feel good about.