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Video Game Addiction in Kids: Recognize the Signs Early!

video game addiction

It is common to see children participating in fun hobbies or homework after school. Some common pastimes for kids is watching television or playing video games. Nowadays, there is an ever increasing trend for video games addiction to play computer or console games and/or mobile game apps. To be precise, a survey mentioned that 72% of teens play games.

Parents need to pay attention to what is good or bad for their kids. For example, some positive-thinking Bible games have mental health benefits because they help kids learn more about and grow closer to God, learning virtues taught in the Bible. More importantly, such games provide a healthy alternative to much of the games filled with adult themes, violence and/or inappropriate content.

Aside from knowing which games are good for kids, parents should monitor how long their child plays video games, learn about and educate them to potential harmful effects on their mind and growth.

Signs of Unhealthy Video Games Addiction in Children

Unhealthy gaming is a term coined by the World Health Organization. This is a worldwide health issue where individuals too hooked on gaming experience several symptoms. Be alert if your child shows any combination of the following symptoms:

  • Your child is too obsessed with their game, such that they often feel irritable, sad, and anxious when you suddenly take their games away.
  • The child cannot stop playing more games, and you cannot control their game time.
  • You notice that your child is no longer interested in other activities they previously enjoyed. They now choose gaming above other activities.
  • Your child becomes unwilling to participate in social activities like family time, church, or spending time with friends.
  • Some physical symptoms due to prolonged exposure to their screens include nausea, headaches, or blurred vision.

How to Avoid Unhealthy Gaming in Kids

video game addiction

If violence and inappropriate content in video games are invading your child’s mind, taking some extra steps to keep them away from it is essential. Here are some tips for doing it:

  • Participate in the planning of your child’s game consumption. Distribute an equal balance between homework, sleep, exercise, and healthy playtime. Try introducing them to mobile games, such as games from RD Games and other games promoting bible-based entertainment.
  • Keep an eye out for what your child downloads on their mobile device. Having access to apps is very easy nowadays, and it is getting easier to inadvertently expose your child to highly addictive games.
  • Play the games with your kids. There are lots of games that are designed to be enjoyed together. Choosing these games can help you monitor what your child plays while spending memorable times with them.

As a parent, you can consider Bibles games a fantastic opportunity to play and learn healthy, Godly virtues, while still having fun; this will keep your kids away from addicting games which perpetuate adult themes, violence and inappropriate content. You can try RD Games’ Bible game apps, Agadir Play The Bible: Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz, which are fun and educational and can be enjoyed on Android and iOS devices.