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Video Games Violence Targeting Kids


One of the most enjoyable past times for our kids has been playing games. This helps improve their hand-eye coordination and it contributes to social relationships with their friends, albeit not as beneficial as in-person socialization. Because of the modern era, games played by children have changed. There are a lot of video games violence targeting kids.

As parents, we must remain vigilant of video games. Some mobile apps are kid-friendly, entertaining, and educational! Unfortunately, the gaming world is filled with games that contain adult themes that are inappropriate for your kids.

For example, let us look at the mobile app “Episode.” This game makes the player Video Games Violencechoose their story by making their character make biased choices. You might think that this can improve your child’s decision-making skills, but do not be fooled! This game is filled with inappropriate themes like sexual content, homosexuality, and adultery. Despite being rated as “T for Teen,” do you want your teens to play this game? We would not want our children to learn stained values that would make them stray farther from the values taught by our Savior.

It is difficult to base the kid-friendliness of a game based on its rating. For instance, the app “Project Makeover” is rated as a game for everyone, with no age restrictions. But how about the theme of this game? This app contains ideas about homosexuality and even promotes oversexualized outfits.

I am not trying to say that children must not play games. However, our duty as parents is to supervise what our kids play, especially in these apps. It is very easy for these adult themes and inappropriate topics to slip into our kid’s minds without identifying them.

How to prevent video games violence

These are just two examples, but mobile apps and other video games with similar adult themes swarm the modern media. Modern society may be the reason these kinds of themes are prevalent, promote a very liberal mindset where everything is accepted as correct. Unfortunately, this leads to many contradicting acts that are not good choices consistent with biblically moral values.

Society’s perception of what is right and wrong has changed such that is has become easy for some to believe such views and cloud their moral compass. Do not be discouraged from following God’s teachings. He teaches us all about what is right and just according to His will.

Because of the oversaturation of inappropriate adult themes, your child may be unable to escape it. As a parent, you have to teach your child what is right and wrong yourselves. If you find yourself frustrated at your child’s stubbornness, take a deep breath and remember that your guidance is God’s will. You can only do this effectively if you choose to love them no matter what with kindness, similar to how Jesus teaches us about His never-ending love.

Avoid letting your guard down, as exposure to inappropriate themes in apps and games can heavily impact your child’s life choices. Teach them well to be humble followers of Christ who know the spiritual choices that make the Lord happy and lead to the best life..

Are you looking for a mobile app that is educational and free from inappropriate themes? Download RD Game’s Bible game apps, Play The Bible: Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz now! These are fantastic apps that lets your child learn the words of God in different ways. You will not have to worry about your child’s exposure to inappropriate content that can negatively impact their worldview. Be blessed and pursue games with good moral values!