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Bible Games: A Modern Day Tool for Bringing This Generation Closer to God

Nowadays, people are become more uncertain their faith. It’s a challenging topic to discuss with friends and family members, more so than ever. But why is this so? The influx of modern-day technology might hold the key answer to this.

This modern world has a drastic difference from the world that Jesus lived in. Aside from the massive improvements in technology, the shift in worldviews shaped by various ideologies and their differences has become more polarized than ever. Now, we have a multicultural and connected world where big-tech companies benefit from our differences, while they courage us to have conflicts with those who don’t share our views or values.

bible gamesDespite the world’s turmoil because of this divide, there is still one thing that can bind us together – and this is faith. Jesus lived to teach us to love our neighbors and ourselves. The Bible teaches us that faith, hope, and love are important virtues for achieving peace and unity with others.

Parts of the Bible, the Old Testament, was written before Jesus came, whereas the New Testament was written after Jesus came, to tell us of Jesus, his life, his miracles and His message of salvation to all of us.

Jesus was the foretold Messiah, as He fulfilled Bible’s prophecies, one after the other. The Bible is also one of the best-selling books of all time, as recorded by the Guinness World Records, with more than 5 billion copies distributed worldwide.

Being that this modern era steers further and further away from physical books, there is a new way to bring the Bible to this current generation: through video and mobile games. This is why new mobile apps like RD Games’ Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz Games were created.


Play The Bible: Have Fun While Learning Scripture

If you want to help your friends and family experience the Bible, consider RD Games’ Bible game apps, which are fun and educational for all ages and can be enjoyed on Android and iOS devices.

If you download Pennādam Play The Bible: Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz, you have virtually free access to an enjoyable word matching game that unlocks Bible verses. You’ll discover more and more of the Bible and learn by verses where your favorite characters appear in scripture.

Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz also features high-quality graphics, character-based progress charts, and rewards to provide players with more chances of earning in-game gold.

Multiplayer modes are included, too! You can invite your friends to play one-on-one or in groups of 10 or more. Have fun with family and friends while helping to spread God’s Word!

Why are Bible Games Necessary?

We cannot deny that with the advent of the commercially-driven mobile app industry, video games tend to steer farther and farther away from Bible-focused content with Godly values. There is now a gap in cyberspace for God and the Bible. For this reason, we need to develop more Bible Games.

Many difficulties will be encountered if we passively allow the ongoing, gradual disconnect of our new generation from God and Christian mobile apps. Unfortunately, some people commonly link learning about the Bible and reading the Word of God as something that is not enjoyable. We would not want our world to completely forget all about the teachings of God. And here is where we can use entertainment as a powerful means to share God’s word with others.

Mobile game apps like those made by RD Games and other Play The Bible branded games aim to shift this disconnecting trend in a more positive direction. Gamers will be more interested in learning about God through evangelism if given fun games to play.

It is important to understand that Bible Games can grab the attention of players. Currently, today’s Christian games have been installed by millions with the potential to soar higher and become more important in the future virtual space that is becoming known as the Metaverse.

Christian Missionaries and Evangelists will Increase their use of Bible Games

The strategy of spreading the word of God and the teachings of Jesus has drastically changed as the world has become more connected. Back in the 1990s, the term 10/40 Window was used to refer to the parts of the world least reached by Christian preachers. Essentially, it is an area between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator.

But, this was the case before the rise of technology. How about today? Given the virtual landscape, introducing this generation to Bible Games and apps is now more possible than ever.

In Conclusion

bible gamesFun, educational, enjoyable, and interactive – these are the ingredients needed to encourage more people to use Bible Games and apps. We look forward to seeing more people connect with God through these interactive experiences as we seek to encourage the faithful and save the lost!