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Christian Video Games – A Healthy Alternative

With the influx of newer technology, toys commonly used by children are shifting from the usual playset. Nowadays, it is common to see children prefer to play mobile and online games or gaming consoles with their friends. A Healthy Alternative would be Christian video games.

Video games sales continue to skyrocket as they have continually for decades. Video games are fun and exciting, hence, more children seek to find satisfaction by playing.

The entertainment industry that produces these games for kids does not consider what values are needed to grow a healthy generation of children. In fact, prevalent theses of violence, bloodshed and sexuality do not positively impact kids during their important, developmental years. Unfortunately, merely rating games such as “Teen”, “Mature” or “18+” do not prevent children from seeing and experiencing this content.

christian mobile game appsSome of the famous violent and blood-shed-themed games like Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, and Urban Reign might have already reached the fingertips of your children. As parents, we want to teach godly virtues to our kids. And this may be impossible to achieve unless we pay attention and influence what they are playing.

How Can You Teach Your Children to Choose Positive Thinking and Choose Games with appropriate Content like Christian video games?

If you let your children run free and play whatever they want, it would be tough to filter out content for them later on. On the other hand, there would be rebellion and frustration if you make you unapologetically monitor your children without explaining why.

To help you manage your children’s gaming choices, here are some tips that might help you out:

  1. Do your best to participate in selecting your child’s video games. Yes, you do not have control over everything that sprouts from the internet, but you do have the power to educate your kids on what is ethical and godly from games which are not. Moreover, it would be best to go further and explain why this game is bad and why another is good. Propper reasoning with your child is key.
  2. Encourage Christian video games to help promote virtues taught by Jesus. Along with the growth of popular media, Christian video games are becoming more interesting while improving in quality! These games are a great way to steer your kids from too much violence, sexual and inappropriate content.
  3. Remind your children that playing video games is not a necessity. It is best not to let them become too dependent on games and help them to see game playing as a reward for a long day at school. Teach them that video games are a luxury. Try exposing your child to different Christian video games as an healthier alternative to other less rewarding games they play.

Excellent Bible Game Mobile Apps To Download For Your Kids

Saint-Fons “Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 is an excellent verse to live by when helping our children understand the importance of learning about the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.

Here are three Bible game mobile apps that are sure to improve your kid’s child’s inclination toward Christ and the Bible, while having fun!

  1. SuperBook Kids Bible

SuperBook is a quality game that features animated videos that are sure to capture children’s interest. The best part about this mobile app is its ability to connect kids of all ages to the teachings of the Bible!

SuperBook Kids Bible Christian video games

Superbook also features the Holy Bible and its stories take players should chapter by chapter. After a few rounds of teaching, players can enjoy activity games or a quiz to facilitate comprehension.

If you want to learn the Bible with easy-to-understand stories, daily verses, complete with an audio Bible, you can download Superbook on Google’s Play Store for Android and the Appstore for iOS.

  1. Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz Game

Christian video games

Jesus Bible Trivia Chalenge is a unique trivia game that tests your knowledge and gives you the opportunity to learn as you play to keep the highest right-answer-accuracy possible! You can play awhile every day for free, forever, but if you answer the questions accurately, you can play straight through until you finish.

  1. Guardians of Ancora

Guardians of Ancora

In Conclusion

As parents, you should consider helping your kids understand how to grow closer to God in everything. Despite the hindrances offered in today’s world and other secular games, Bible games offer you an opportunity to influence them. Teach them to choose games which are both fun and beneficial to their in lives, especially Bible games which will help them on their journey of faith in Christ Jesus!