Download These Free Christian Apps on your iPhones Now!

Your iPhone could use the Touch of God’s Divine Inspiration through these Life-Changing Christian Apps

Since the iOS App Store was launched back in 2008 more and more Christian apps are being published on it day by day. They have been well-received too! Averaging a couple of thousand to millions of downloads per month. Some Bible apps do not get as many downloads as the top apps like, YouVersion, but are competitive nonetheless. Christian mobile app developers were able to make enough income, even though their only intention was to evangelize to people who subscribe in the mobile app industry. As such the income they’ve made are redistributed to help expand their ministry which is good.

Shwebo Here are 10 best Bible/Christian apps available in the iOS App Store:

christian appsYouVersion Bible App

This app is considered the most successful among all Bible apps in the App Store since its launch. It was downloaded 80,000 times on the first day it was published and has gotten over 200 million downloads as of December 2017 and counting! It has over a thousand versions of the Bible which includes(KJV, NIV, ESV, NLT, NKJV, AMP, NASB, CEV, NET, WEB, NCV, TNIV, HCSB, The Message, and others).

It also comes in an audio format with, a bookmark tool to highlight your favorite Bible verses, recommended reading plans, as well as a subscribe button in order to get notifications daily. The YouVersion Bible App is among the top Christian apps in the App Store for believers to have some quiet time for self-reflection, or to pass the time when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office.

christian appsPray As You Go

The Pray As You Go app is an app that creates daily prayer sessions for you. Each session lasts between 10 – 13 minutes and it structures your daily devotional time, without the Bible study part. It is also not a sermon or an inspirational thought of the day, but rather the app that creates the framework for your own prayer and meditation. The prayer sessions combines soothing music to set the mood for meditation while in prayer, with some scripture passages and some questions for you to reflect upon. Some are timely with happening in your life, which helps you to pray about your struggles and eventually rise up from them.

Pray As You Go might just be that perfect app you’ll need among the other Christian apps on your phone at the exact moment you need it.

christian appsSermonAudio

Do you often miss out on great Sunday service sermons by your pastor due to conflicting work schedules? Well, worry no more! Because with the SermonAudio app, you can get access to over 1.2 million recorded sermons from all over the world! Search the app’s database by topic, speaker, featured sermons, or event categories. Plus, there are also video sermons that you can download to your phone and watch at your convenience.

christian apps


If you have trouble memorizing Bible verses, (which is important don’t you think), then all you need is the Verses app! This app encourages you to memorize Bible verses through various, interesting games. For instance, it will let you complete different tasks which are designed to help you memorize each Bible verse. Wordbank and Typeout are just some of its features that you will absolutely enjoy! The Wordbank task tests your memorization skills by letting you fill in the blanks with scrambled missing words at the bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, Typeout is a more challenging test; because it lets you type the entire Bible verse from memory – and you have to get it right in order to score.

There are dozens of other games that will enhance your memory, too. You can play solo or with your friends online. Verses is one of those Christian apps that helps you memorize scripture and enjoy yourself while you pass up the time.


There’s an App for Every Aspect of your Life. Find them here in this List of Great Christian Apps!


christian apps

EveryDollar Easy Budgeting App

Dave Ramsey is a devout Christian who is the author of Financial Peace University and many other financial planning books, as well as a radio talk show host. He is the man who developed this app. Fortunately for us, Dave uses his God-given financial stewardship skills to help learn valuable skills for everyday. It’s a very useful app that lets you track your expenditures and, more importantly, your savings, too!


christian appsDaily Audio Bible

There will be times in your life when days are filled with noise and feedback; your brain will feel as if it might implode from all the negativity. We all experience this and although we do not show it, we do wish for help sometimes. Christians who have been through the storms of life would often remind us to listen to God’s still small voice inside us, which is the voice of the Holy Spirit, when everything makes no sense. The Daily Audio Bible app can help you focus and tune in to that still small voice and calm your soul no matter how difficult your surroundings are.

christian apps

Storybook Bible for Kids

There are fun and exciting Christian apps for kids too! Just try to sample the Storybook Bible for Kids app and you’ll see.

In case your kids are having a difficult time enjoying reading the Bible, then introduce them to the Storybook Bible for Kids app. It may be one of the best non-invasive ways to teach children about the Bible. It features 41 Bible stories, just for kids,that they will absolutely love. The app features, child-friendly navigation, as well as games and activities that will help them retain what they’ve learned. It also has touch-activated animations that make the Bible characters seemingly come to life; this will capture their attention. The app includes and it also has a two-year companion curriculum for churches that use this app for ministering to kids.


christian appsYou & Me Forever App

The developers of the You & Me Forever App asked Francis Chan to help them develop it. As such, his entire book is included in this app. It features inspirational videos and exercises for couples to do at the end of each chapter of the book. Francis Chan’s book is also available in audio format that you can listen to from this app. You will find great Bible studies for couples to do together in the You & Me Forever App. You can also highlight and share parts with a “reading buddy,” who is preferably your romantic interest, fiancé’ or spouse. It’s a great app for engaged couples as well as married couples who want to build their relationship to last.  forever.

christian apps


The iDisciple app is an all-in-one app for Christians. You can search for topics including articles, music, videos, radio, daily devotionals, growth plans, career, Bible, children/teens, prayer, spiritual growth, money and wealth stewardship, worldview, men, women and so many more!It’s a very helpful tool for any Christian to discover information and insight on things that matter when it comes to living the Christian life. The iDisciple is basically a whole lot of Christian apps packed into one app! It’s amazing!

christian apps

K – Love

K – Love is an iPhone app that is a live Christian internet radio station and Christian music streaming software – all-in-one. If you want music that soothes your soul and brings you closer to Jesus with its meaningful messages, then you’ll need to tune. Aside from streaming Christian music, this app also has a live radio broadcast, upcoming events list in your area, as well as in other cities, and a way for you to connect to other listeners.

In summary, these are some powerful ways to utilize your iPhone, aren’t they? While there are many useful and junk apps in the app stores, Christian apps bring you Godly enlightenment and hope. Use these apps to build your character, grow closer to God and share Christ with others.

Play The Bible Ultimate Verses: Changing the Mobile Gaming Arena

The Latest Scripture-Based App Play The Bible Ultimate Verses is Making Waves in App Stores

People have lots of different habits based on their preference and some of them love to do outdoors, sports, ballet, modern dance, singing, poetry, business, etc. But in general people spend half of their time on their phones and other handheld devices and about 7% – 25% of that time is dedicated to mobile gaming. If you’re going to choose a game that’s both entertaining and enlightening, then we recommend you try our new mobile game app, Play The Bible. The Play The Bible Ultimate Verses (the full title of the app) is now available both on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Why People Get Bored

We human beings have tolerance level which means that we can only tolerate things happening in our lives for a certain periods of time. Even the most rewarding jobs or most profitable businesses or most amazing relationships will have ups and downs through the course of their existence, and when people who are involved in them snaps, then there would be chaos. In the small things it shows in our boredom – the state of mind where a person can no longer tolerate his mediocre lifestyle, so he attempts to entertain himself through various vanities of this world that satisfies his basic desires. Often they become misguided souls who hurt others either knowingly or unknowingly, but this destructive nature in man can be tamed through free download Christian mobile apps like Play The Bible.

Or especially Play The Bible as it is unique.

Play The Bible Ultimate Verses is a Substantial Solution?

We’re not saying that this game is the best solution to boredom, but it might offer you a longterm solution to the problem. Why? Well, because this game, although similar to the long list of Christian apps on the App Store and Google Play can really entertain you through its puzzle and tile matching challenges. But once it has saturated its alluring glare, then it will bring you face to face with the truth – that you are slave to your sins and you need a savior to free you from your prison. Play The Bible Ultimate Verses is more than just a mobile app – it is an excellent tool for evangelism too! It may take a while before you notice the Bible verses in the background as you’ll be busy matching those colored tiles and answering quizzes that are actually just scriptures in either a multiple choice quiz or a fill in the blanks test.

What Motivates You?

Sometimes you get bored not because of your tolerance level, but because of the lack of motivation in what you want for your life and the lack of vision to get to where you want to go next. People get motivated by many things like money, food, rewards, travel, being accepted in society, fame and many more! But there’s only one motivating factor that will get you going every day and will get you through no matter what – a personal relationship with Jesus. You would never guess that in these free online Bible games like Play The Bible Ultimate Verses, for instance, lies that kind of motivation that you need in your life.

So try it now and find out just how wonderful it is to be enlightened by God’s Holy Spirit!

You can Find Plenty of Amazing Free Online Bible Games on App Stores Including the Play The Bible Ultimate Verses

play the bible ultimate versesThere are lots of useful Bible games on app stores like for instance, Play The Bible Ultimate Verses which has already gained a significant amount of fans who patronize the game. It’s not old news as the first Christian-themed apps that appeared include the Bible in digital format, inspirational exhortations and Bible-based games. Play The Bible is a more improved version of Bible study games for youth and is expected to become the most prolific mobile game app to have ever been created that breaks the barriers between the Christian and secular worlds. Of course, there’s room for improvement but it will be developed as the years go by through the experience gathered from user reviews.

Building a Bridge between the Secular World and the Conservative Christian World is Better than Judging Others

While we do not actively work with other Christian mobile app developers we do hope that they will take inspiration from our product, Play The Bible, and create an intuitive mobile apps like it in order to help accomplish Jesus’ Great Commission. Christians should take mobile web seriously as there are hundreds of millions of users visit there on a daily basis and offering free download Christian mobile apps is just like doing evangelism in cyberspace. Those are a lot of souls to be saved and the potential contribution that they could bring to the Christian cause might be very significant. So let us do more to saturate the mobile web with helpful and inspiring Bible games like the Play The Bible Ultimate Verses from RD Games.

Disagreements Among Believers

The problem that is common among Christian believers is that they seem to have unique doctrines for each denomination you will find across US churches and other churches in the world. Unfortunately, most of these doctrines are man-made misplaced translations of the Scriptures and so they miss out on the more important things. We here at RD Games believe that we should stick to only what Jesus commanded like the Great Commission, loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself and a few other things that He told us to do. Things like what we ought to wear or eternal salvation should not be central to our faith, because it is ideas like these that make Christians judge the motives of their brethren like with what we do here with creating the Play The Bible Ultimate Verses mobile game app.

It is unfortunate that we get judge for doing a revolutionary approach in evangelism and people just say that we only do it for the money.

How we can All Benefit from This

If we think as a whole as one body, the Church of Christ, his bride, then we will have a clear vision of helping people to get to know Jesus and be saved. We should all be rejoicing with Play The Bible, because of what it can do and is already doing – bringing people closer to God. Although lightly disguised as one of the many free online Bible games, it is a very effective evangelizing tool and Christians could use it for that exact purpose. That is how we benefit from this amazing mobile app. You can download Play The Bible Ultimate Verses on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store now.

Bible Games: A Modern Day Tool for Bringing This Generation Closer to God

Nowadays, people are become more uncertain their faith. It’s a challenging topic to discuss with friends and family members, more so than ever. But why is this so? The influx of modern-day technology might hold the key answer to this.

This modern world has a drastic difference from the world that Jesus lived in. Aside from the massive improvements in technology, the shift in worldviews shaped by various ideologies and their differences has become more polarized than ever. Now, we have a multicultural and connected world where big-tech companies benefit from our differences, while they courage us to have conflicts with those who don’t share our views or values.

bible gamesDespite the world’s turmoil because of this divide, there is still one thing that can bind us together – and this is faith. Jesus lived to teach us to love our neighbors and ourselves. The Bible teaches us that faith, hope, and love are important virtues for achieving peace and unity with others.

Parts of the Bible, the Old Testament, was written before Jesus came, whereas the New Testament was written after Jesus came, to tell us of Jesus, his life, his miracles and His message of salvation to all of us.

Jesus was the foretold Messiah, as He fulfilled Bible’s prophecies, one after the other. The Bible is also one of the best-selling books of all time, as recorded by the Guinness World Records, with more than 5 billion copies distributed worldwide.

Being that this modern era steers further and further away from physical books, there is a new way to bring the Bible to this current generation: through video and mobile games. This is why new mobile apps like RD Games’ Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz Games were created.


Play The Bible: Have Fun While Learning Scripture

If you want to help your friends and family experience the Bible, consider RD Games’ Bible game apps, which are fun and educational for all ages and can be enjoyed on Android and iOS devices.

If you download Play The Bible: Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz, you have virtually free access to an enjoyable word matching game that unlocks Bible verses. You’ll discover more and more of the Bible and learn by verses where your favorite characters appear in scripture.

Jesus Bible Trivia Quiz also features high-quality graphics, character-based progress charts, and rewards to provide players with more chances of earning in-game gold.

Multiplayer modes are included, too! You can invite your friends to play one-on-one or in groups of 10 or more. Have fun with family and friends while helping to spread God’s Word!

Why are Bible Games Necessary?

We cannot deny that with the advent of the commercially-driven mobile app industry, video games tend to steer farther and farther away from Bible-focused content with Godly values. There is now a gap in cyberspace for God and the Bible. For this reason, we need to develop more Bible Games.

Many difficulties will be encountered if we passively allow the ongoing, gradual disconnect of our new generation from God and Christian mobile apps. Unfortunately, some people commonly link learning about the Bible and reading the Word of God as something that is not enjoyable. We would not want our world to completely forget all about the teachings of God. And here is where we can use entertainment as a powerful means to share God’s word with others.

Mobile game apps like those made by RD Games and other Play The Bible branded games aim to shift this disconnecting trend in a more positive direction. Gamers will be more interested in learning about God through evangelism if given fun games to play.

It is important to understand that Bible Games can grab the attention of players. Currently, today’s Christian games have been installed by millions with the potential to soar higher and become more important in the future virtual space that is becoming known as the Metaverse.

Christian Missionaries and Evangelists will Increase their use of Bible Games

The strategy of spreading the word of God and the teachings of Jesus has drastically changed as the world has become more connected. Back in the 1990s, the term 10/40 Window was used to refer to the parts of the world least reached by Christian preachers. Essentially, it is an area between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator.

But, this was the case before the rise of technology. How about today? Given the virtual landscape, introducing this generation to Bible Games and apps is now more possible than ever.

In Conclusion

bible gamesFun, educational, enjoyable, and interactive – these are the ingredients needed to encourage more people to use Bible Games and apps. We look forward to seeing more people connect with God through these interactive experiences as we seek to encourage the faithful and save the lost!