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Troy’s Testimony

Troy Lyndon, born into a Jewish family, underwent religious transitions throughout his life, starting with being raised Catholic until his mother's remarriage, which led to their affiliation with the Episcopal Church. As an adult, he explored various denominations, including Methodist, Baptist, and Pentecostal, before settling on a non-denominational faith in Jesus.In terms of his professional journey, Troy's passion for video games began at the age of 13. Even before the advent of cell phones and the Internet, he had already published three games by the time he graduated from high school. By the age of 21, Troy had programmed or managed 17 games, working with over 15 different game publishers as a Producer and Developer on more than 30 projects.In 1998, Troy joined CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) and soon became involved in the development of the Jesus Film DVD Internet game. He subsequently worked on various initiatives for five ministries within CRU, as well as collaborating with organizations like Biblesoft, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and Tyndale House Publishers. Troy's notable contribution was serving as the lead programmer for the groundbreaking "iLumina," the world's first Animated Bible and Encyclopedia Suite.In 2003, Troy co-founded Left Behind Games, a company dedicated to creating Christian games. Their first project was based on the popular "Left Behind" novel series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, resulting in the release of the initial Left Behind branded game in 2006. Over the following years, Left Behind Games developed three sequels and acquired 10 additional Christian game products across various themes, solidifying their position as the largest and most prolific faith-based video game company worldwide.Left Behind Games embarked on a funding plan that led to the company going public in 2006. By 2011, they had achieved significant growth and became a key player in the Christian games industry. However, their progress was suddenly halted when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) interfered with their paperwork filings, blocking the transfer of funds from an investment bank. Unable to secure financing, the company had to lay off its employees within a short period.While awaiting the completion of the SEC's investigation, Troy intended to revive the company. However, in 2013, the SEC filed a lawsuit against him personally, alleging fraud. Despite the lack of evidence supporting their claims, the SEC persisted without considering reason. Following legal advice, Troy chose to swiftly resolve the lawsuit within two weeks by signing a no-admit, no-deny settlement agreement. His intention was to resign and entrust the company's mission and assets to others for continuation. Unfortunately, the SEC then filed a financial claim against him, including false and fabricated evidence aimed at causing long-term financial harm. In response, Troy promptly made the company's nearly ten years of audited financials publicly available to refute the SEC's baseless allegations.A month later, Troy faced further legal challenges when the FBI served him with a subpoena to appear before a grand jury. It became clear that the US Attorney's office intended to indict him based on the SEC's investigation. Overwhelmed with stress, Troy conducted online research on the potential consequences and discovered that previous Hawaiian residents indicted for fraud had received sentences exceeding a decade. As he fasted and prayed, preparing himself for whatever lay ahead, Troy felt inspired by the Lord to write a letter to the US Attorney. During the process, he came across a trove of evidence, including over 10,000 emails exchanged with his accountants and attorneys over six years, which demonstrated that every action questioned by the SEC was advised by his professionals. Within two weeks of submitting this evidence, Troy received the news that the US Attorney no longer required his appearance before the grand jury and had abandoned plans for indictment based on the compelling evidence he provided. He attributed this outcome to God's grace and provision.For years following this experience, Troy pursued the SEC's hidden documents through Freedom of Information Act requests, which the SEC consistently ignored. However, an unexpected turn of events occurred when the Senior Counsel's office of the SEC granted his appeal to obtain the documents. Among the obtained materials was the testimony of Troy's auditors, disproving the SEC's claims in court and revealing the fraudulent omission of evidence by the SEC. These documents showcased the SEC's baseless pursuit and the resulting loss of everything Troy had built. To this day, the SEC still owes Mr. Lyndon 15 boxes of documents they have thus far failed to provide him. Consequently, he filed a $2.2 billion lawsuit against the SEC and its staff for damages. Unfortunately, his lawsuit was dismissed by the Federal Court senior justice in Hawaii, citing the doctrine of "sovereign immunity," which shields federal employees and organizations from prosecution, regardless of their corruption and dishonesty.After enduring numerous difficulties and trials, a crucial year in Troy Lyndon's journey was 2014. Despite the challenges he faced, Troy made the decision to persevere in his quest to create life-changing Bible games. With limited resources, he took it upon himself to learn the latest tools and technologies, embarking on the development of his first "mobile" game for iPhones. As of this writing in 2023, Troy has successfully created five Bible games for iOS and Android devices, which can be explored at sustain himself financially, Troy acknowledges that the Lord has blessed him with other opportunities.He humbly admits to making mistakes in his life and has encountered both betrayal and loyalty from those he cared for. Throughout these experiences, Troy has gained a deeper understanding of God's grace, remaining eternally grateful for His provision and faithfulness during life's many challenges.In recent times, Troy has acquired a greater awareness of the world's deception and possesses a sincere desire to help save those who are lost and uplift the faithful. To address this, he has created a website for those seeking further knowledge at's favorite Bible verse is Matthew 6:33, which states, " first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided to you" (NASB). This verse serves as a guiding principle in his life and a reminder of the importance of prioritizing God's kingdom.In summary, Troy Lyndon's testimony reflects a life filled with diverse experiences and challenges. From his religious journey to his accomplishments in the video game industry, Troy's story is one of resilience and faith. Despite facing setbacks, legal battles, and personal struggles, he has remained determined to fulfill his calling of creating meaningful Bible games and spreading God's message. Troy's unwavering trust in God's grace and provision, coupled with his desire to save the lost and support the faithful, continues to drive him forward. Through his website endeavors and personal growth, Troy seeks to make a lasting impact and inspire others to seek God's kingdom above all else.