KJV Bible Trivia Games that are too Entertaining to Ignore

There are KJV Bible Trivia Games that will make you Think, Enjoy and Learn a Lot about God’s Word in the App Stores

Are you an avid mobile gamer? Do you prefer challenging games over standard first person or ‘shoot-em up’ style of games? Well, look no further because Play The Bible is the perfect mobile puzzle game for you! This mobile game app has the KJV Bible trivia games that you can find and if you’re looking for something to challenge your cognitive abilities, then Play The Bible won’t disappoint you. Play tile puzzle games where you match tile colors and complete Bible verses at the same time! Unlock special skills and bonuses as you progress in the game. Join multiplayerkjv bible trivia sessions of create your own and invite friends to join. The game has so many gaming style options it will never let you down!

Competing for Souls more than Market Share

While we do not deny that the driving motive behind every mobile app creator is market share and profits, our Play The Bible game has a more virtuous goal. That’s because we’re using this as a tool for evangelism and the true purpose of the game is bring people closer to Jesus in order to save their souls. RD Games still do compete for market share, but only to help it sustain its presence in the app stores, as you may already know that although these interactive Bible games for kids are free to use, they actually cost money to develop and maintain.

What the game developers are doing is simply a modern form of evangelism and is catered to the new generation who are not generally interested in pious religious topics, which has been stereotyped by the mainstream society. But the game itself is undeniably fun to play with for hours at a time! It’s guaranteed to relieve your melancholy or boredom and buy gabapentin otc will keep you entertained as you learn new things about God’s word through the KJV Bible trivia games in it.

How does Play The Bible Stack Up Against other Popular Mobile Games

Looking into CNET’s Top 45 Mobile Games we’ve estimated that there are between 3-5 games on this list that is comparable to Play The Bible in terms of game quality and value. The game’s graphics is pretty decent and can be compared to that of Ingress and Pokemon Go. The gameplay experience is similar to Hocus, Threes and Human Resource Machine, but it has spiritual and moral value in it that all the other games does not have. In that respect Play The Bible should be ranked in the top 10 best mobile game apps!

It’s almost hard to believe that something that was made to have the KJV Bible trivia games in it would be as edgy and competitive with popular mobile games like Rules of Survival and Lara Croft Go. While it may not be as visually spectacular as other top tier games it will definitely stimulate your brain and will make you smarter and an efficient kjv bible triviaproblem solver.

Share KJV Bible Trivia Games, Share the Gospel!

Because Christianity and other religions have been stereotyped and are made fun of these days, most Christians are now afraid to share their faith to other people even if it had changed their lives and transformed them into the best versions of themselves. Critics often choose to ridicule Christians more than evaluating the positive effects of the Bible made to them, simply because they focus on the discrepancies in the Bible. Now that these children’s Bible games online free have been made available for free to everyone, Christians can simply share the game to their friends and let the Spirit of the Lord guide the user to salvation.

The game will share the Gospel to the players without them noticing it!

This may seem unconventional and seemingly almost not the Christian way of doing things, but it doesn’t mean that you do not assume responsibility each time you tell your friends about Play The Bible. Sometimes Christians are not as wise or articulate as Jesus, the apostles or other big figures in the Christian faith, but the Bible is the word of God and it contains all the wisdom necessary to bring a lost soul to Christ. More over Matthew 10:20 says Kurandvād “for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.” And therefore it is acceptable to share the Gospel in the form of these KJV Bible trivia games on Android/Apple devices.

Single Player and Multiplayer Gameplay

The single player mode of Play The Bible will help you get acquainted with Bible passages and at this stage you’ll only need to be careful with the number of moves you’ll make on matching the tiles. It’s exciting to play and as you get the hang of it, you will progress in the game with almost minimum difficulty; however, joining or creating a multiplayer session will up the ante a little bit. As you enter the multiplayer gameplay you will be competing with other players from all over the world who are either as well versed or exceptionally good at the Bible more than you are. So you’re going to have to put in more effort to win in the KJV Bible trivia games.

You will get lots of game rewards as you progress in the game and you’ll be able to do more as you use those skillskjv bible trivia and rewards. There is also a leader board where you can view global rankings. Normally it is expected that the players would be excited to see their name on the top of the leader board. They’ll definitely enjoy easy bible trivia questions with Play The Bible!

All in all the Play The Bible game experience is nothing less than amazing. You will constantly be challenged in every level of the game, so you won’t feel the game being redundant or boring in any way. By level 3 or 4 you’ll inevitably be hooked to the KJV Bible trivia games and keep it on your phone or tablet, which you will constantly go back to and enjoy playing it day after day.

Play The Bible Ultimate Verses Main Features

Play The Bible Ultimate Verses is Unique

One important feature which differentiates Play The Bible Ultimate Verses from all other Bible-related games is the fact that actual Bible text is, without question, the ‘star’ of the game. The game reads it to you out loud consistently, while the words are in your face continually, in proper order, as you play.

5 Languages and numerous Translations

The game also has, on average, seven translations per language to appeal to various followers of historical manuscripts.

Ad Free and Free-to-Play

But perhaps what is most interesting features of Play The Bible Ultimate Verses are that the game are that it is ad-free and truly free-to-play. A gamer can pay money to support RD Games or to acquire moves and power-ups, but it’s not required. A gamer never has to pay money to advance to the highest levels. Once a gamer finds themselves without moves or in need of more power-ups, all they need to do is wait about 2 hours at a time, and ‘moves’ will regenerate to their original number. As gamers complete levels, they will earn gold bars and unlock premium features, including the unlocking of characters. Gamers have completed thousands upon thousands of levels without having to pay any money. Of course, we encourage purchases to help finance additional features and future games.

play the bible ultimate verses

Title Page Options:

  1. PLAY – This large button will take the gamer directly into the action with a single click.
  2. CONNECT – This button will give the player an opportunity to earn 50 gold bars by simply registering via Facebook, LinkedIn, Email or other method as we are looking to expand registration options.
  3. READ – Depending upon the licensed rights and translation chosen by the player, a gamer may be able to read the entire Bible, chapter by chapter, just as in most free Bible apps for Android phones. At the time of this writing, more than 90% of our supported translations enable Bible reading. And to make reading easier, we’ve added text-to-speech functionality so the text is reinforced audibly as you read the text.
  4. SETTINGS – You can A) share the game with friends and receive gold for every install that uses your customized link; B) add a church to our database; C) choose a different language or translation; D) view the Moses intro again; E) find out how to redeem your spirit points and F) if you haven’t yet registered, you can Connect (register) and earn 50 gold bars. You can also turn sound, music and speech on or off, as well as change the master volume.

Once you have clicked PLAY for the first time, you will be instructed to “Press any Tile to Start”. As you select each colored tile, the game will highlight various other tiles that you can move the selected tile to. The Play The Bible Ultimate Verses game will continue to help you in this manner for the first two levels. Keep in mind that if you click tiles too quickly, you should wait for the game to adjust and recommend the proper tiles – otherwise it may confuse you, as it lags behind players who move tiles to quickly without understanding what to do. So, take your time. You will learn how to play in just a couple of minutes. The game has lots of verse-related Bible trivia questions      that’s repackaged as a colored tile game and a word puzzle game combined.

play the bible ultimate verses

As you progress through the first 7 levels, you will be introduced to various game power-ups – all of which appear within the bottom icons of the main game screen. These power-ups include Swaps, Fireballs, Icebooms, Electrocons and Lightstrikes.

  • With a Swap power-up, gamers can exchange the position of tiles. This is especially useful when the board gets more filled.
  • The Fireball expands the power of the gamer to score an entire word, without having to individually move tiles to each letter.
  • The Iceball expands this same power to include an entire line of text.
  • The Electrocon goes a step further by empowering a gamer to score 3 lines at one time.
  • The Lightstrike is a useful way to score the entire board quickly and move on to the next level without losing valuable moves.

In between every level of Play The Bible Ultimate Verses, gamers can choose to upgrade the number of various power-ups available to them. You can exchange gold or purchase more gold with real money – although optional.

Easy-access icons are also available on the main game screen to access other game features including Settings, Help (?), Cart (Super Bundle Shop), Bible (Navigation) and Progress.

After passing level 10, a gamer will automatically see the Navigation choices.

Navigation Page Options:

  1. CHOOSE VERSE – choose from any verse from any book in the Bible
  2. CHOOSE NEXT LEVEL – go to the next unplayed verse
  3. CHOOSE NEXT VERSE – go to the very next verse in the Bible
  4. CHOOSE CHARACTER – once unlocked, you can choose from any of the game’s Bible characters to play verses where they appear in the Bible
  5. CHOOSE CHARACTER VERSE – this will play the next unplayed verse where your chosen character appears in the Bible
  6. KNOW GOD – this will open a web page, step you through the 4 Spiritual Laws and give you and give you an opportunity to come to faith or recommit your life to God
  7. JESUS FILM MEDIA – this will open a web page and give you all the video options available from The Jesus Film based upon your selected language

After passing level 15, a gamer automatically unlocks an Angel – also available as one of the icons at the bottom of the main game screen icon.

Play The Bible Ultimate Verses Angel Help Tips:

  1. You must click the Angel on every level where you want help. She will not help you unless you request her help.
  2. If 2 or more colors already exist in a word, she will attempt to move like-colors into the word for you.
  3. She works from left to right and when she finishes searching the entire board to help you, she’ll start searching again from the top of the board.
  4. To help her the most, place at least 2 matching colored tiles at the back of a word. She will then fill the rest of the word, assuming you keep other colored tiles from filling the same word.

play the bible ultimate verses

Once characters are unlocked, gamers will have access to character info and newly written biographies – each statement within every bio has been taken from and verified from scripture. No facts were assumed, and we used verification methods to insure the integrity of content. By doing this, Play The Bible Ultimate Verses includes character summaries of extraordinary quality not commonly found in similar works.

play the bible ultimate verses

In the Character Progress page, gamers can see how well they are completing the verses relating to each of the game’s Bible characters.

play the bible ultimate verses

After a gamer has registered via Connect, each time they play, they will have an opportunity to view their country and worldwide ranking from the Progress page.

Connected games will also have the opportunity to Join or Create (host) a multiplayer version of the game with friends.

Multiplayer Game features:

  1. Only friends you invite can join your game – this keeps unknown people away
  2. A no-chat feature keeps gamers safe from other people’s comments
  3. Game hosts can design levels for customized event experiences defining:
    1. Verse
    2. Level of Difficulty
    3. Number of Power-ups
    4. Music

play the bible ultimate verses

In summary, Play The Bible Ultimate Verses has been designed to provide you with hundreds of hours of fun as you learn scripture in a new, unique gaming experience.