Easy Bible Trivia Questions Apps for your Smartphones

It’s Amazing to Know that Easy Bible Trivia Questions Apps and Other Faith-Based Apps are Competing Well in the Mobile Web Market

Do you feel like you’re drowning from all the noise that modern technology and society bombards you on a daily basis? Do you want a new change in your life and feel better every day when dealing with day-to-day issues and people? Then all you need is God’s word, the Bible. But wait! It would be awkward to carry a huge bulky Bible around easy bible trivia questionsand you may not have the taste for the traditional also, so buy Ivermectin 3 mg why not install easy Bible trivia questions or on your Android phone? But that’s not a lot of fun, right? And you’re probably a skeptic also so you won’t bother even reading Genesis. Okay, how about a mobile game app that lets you play mobile games while discovering the Bible from a whole new different perspective?

Yes? Good! Now let’s talk about the game.

What is Play The Bible?

Play The Bible is just like one of those children’s Bible games online free that is based on the Scriptures, which makes it both entertaining as well as educational if you want to study the Bible. It combines elements of already existing games like colored tiles matching, word puzzle games, multiple choice questions and answers quizzes and fill in the blanks tests. The core purpose of the game is evangelism and we here at RD Games takes this very seriously, in fact, the whole idea came about because we wanted to develop an app that allows users to know the Bible and enjoy themselves playing easy Bible trivia questions on their Android or iOS devices.

Why is it Important?

Since the game is based on the Bible, then it offers you the chance to drown out the noise of the world around you and have some peace of mind. Even though it’s just a seemingly inconsequential interactive Bible games for kids it does help you by showing your Bible verses, which can have a positive impact on your life. At first glance you may not even notice it or be completely oblivious about it, but the Holy Spirit will sear it into your subconscious mind and the Spirit of God himself will work to show you and remind you of the Bible verse you’ve read while playing the game just in time when you need it. And once you’ll realize this, you’ll never view easy Bible trivia questions apps the same way again.

Why just not use Traditional Evangelism Instead of This?

The traditional way of doing evangelism is not suited for the mobile web, because it’s outdated, ineffective in its raweasy bible trivia questions form, people have stereotyped it and are either indifferent or against it and no one will one to play a game that has a character doing evangelism to the gamers. It just simply won’t work. So the best approach to draw young people, children and adults in and learn God’s Word is maybe through Bible verse games for kids that’s repackaged in an interactive mobile game app that they’ll enjoy. This way evangelism doesn’t feel like a big Bible man trying to shove fire and brimstone down their throats, which can often feel threatening to people who doesn’t understand what the Bible is. And, in fact, most of them don’t understand it at all, so it’s better to use easy Bible trivia questions mobile game app to evangelize to them.

There’s Already Plenty of Easy Bible Trivia Questions Mobile Apps in the App Stores, So Why Do we Need More?

Well, Play The Bible isn’t exactly like other Bible games for adults free download even though it falls under the same category of Bible-based apps. So we do need more apps like it, because it does more than just let people have fun, but also learn their purpose in life, which is to serve God and be free of their sins. To that end we think that Christians need to become more creative in coming up with strategies on how to become more efficient in spreading the good news of salvation of Jesus Christ online. Why? Because as we get more and more connected it’s obvious that the internet will only keep expanding and become an integral part of people’s lives. Perhaps using easy Bible trivia questions apps might be where it starts and in the future, if God wills it, we might come up with incredible ideas to saturate the web with God’s Word also.

Make Interesting Apps if you want People to Get Hooked

easy bible trivia questionsThe secular world in general has a certain negative bias towards Christians and the Bible application for Android tablet that they made on various app stores. So if you want to captivate them, then you’d have to offer them something that’s equally interesting mobile apps and games as your secular counterparts do. Adhering to what the Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 10:31, we strive our best to create an interesting game app called, Play The Bible as we too do all things for the glory of God. In time we sincerely hope that http://sargeantstudios.net/?feed=rss2 the world will become more aware of God’s will and new generation of children will find it in easy Bible trivia questions mobile game apps.


The world as it seems hasn’t had enough of its addiction to the vanities that it created for itself, and the end result too is always the same – once they’ve tasted all these vanities, they all fall back into the arms of a loving God of the Bible. Regrets from broken hopes and dreams are often romanticized by these people who have fallen into sin that only God’s grace through Jesus Christ can remove the trauma that they’ve endured while loving the things of this world. Creating Play The Bible which is disguised as one of the forms of the many vanities that people love instills hope in their hearts – even though they may not be aware of it.

As they keep playing easy Bible trivia questions on their gadgets they will soon realize that it is leading them to the loving arms of Jesus and soon they will come to know him through his Word, the Bible.