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Play The Bible Exodus Trivia

play the bible exodus triviaPlay The Bible Exodus Trivia

print Imagine playing Exodus Trivia questions as you become an expert like a Jeopardy master! Exodus Bible Trivia Quiz Game is an excellent faith-based trivia quiz game that does more than test your knowledge, because if you don’t know an answer, you can read and learn the answer in scripture, then answer as you learn.

clgen-casino-it Play The Bible Trivia Challenge Play The Bible Exodus Trivia Quiz Game is another Play The Bible brand game from RD Games.

You can set goals and work your way through the entire book of Exodus. Questions have been developed to challenge beginners and scholars alike. Even masters will learn something new. It’s also great for Sunday School, because you can play some for free, a bit every day. When you run out of free lives, you get more and can play the next day.

The top 5 main categories in Exodus include the Moses, The Plagues, The Exodus, Laws & Commandments and The Tabernacle. Whether you’re interested in using the game for evangelism or want to learn and become a smarter disciple, you’ll love this Exodus Bible trivia quiz game. Kids will love it, too!

The important question is, “How well do you know the Book of Exodus?” Do you have what it takes to know God and His word, learning as you play?

If you can’t answer the questions fast enough, use the hourglass to extend your time. Not sure which is the right answer of 4 choices? Use the Bomb to clear 2 wrong answers. And when you just want to use your coins to get a hard question right, Lightstrike is there for your benefit.

Play to learn more about the second book in the Bible, a book that represents an important segment in the history of God and His relationship with His most chosen people.

You can Play The Bible Exodus Trivia Quiz game alone or Connect to see how you rank compared with friends, to see who can answer the most questions right!
Play The Bible Exodus Trivia Quiz Game features:

  • Categories include the Moses, The Plagues, The Exodus, Laws & Commandments and The Tabernacle
  • Both easy and difficult, walk your way through Exodus as you progress through over 500 questions
  • Barn Completion Certificates for each of the Categories and for the entire Book of Exodus
  • Answer correctly and quickly to earn free gold coins
  • Progress and Ranking shows you how you are doing while, if Connected, will show your ranking worldwide.
  • It’s fun and easy to play, challenging to master
  • Great fun for Bible Studies and Sunday school lessons
  • Learn more about your Bible every day
  • A challenging game of faith for those interested in becoming more Godly and closer to The Almighty