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Bible Study Games for Youth that Teach Them Morality

bible study games for youth

These Scripture-Themed Apps on App Stores are Actually Bible Study Games for Youth and Adults that Teach People to be Good and Kind

The airwaves are filled with wireless internet connection that links every mobile device on the planet, and approximately 40% of the time spent on smartphones and tablets are dedicated to mobile gaming. That’s a lot of time for games! But you can’t really judge people as these things somewhat alleviate boredom. The games range from first person shooting game to role playing strategy games and even some Bible study games for youth can be found in both Android and Apple app stores. The intensity, challenging and competitive nature of these bible study games for youthgames attract a huge number of young people, especially kids.

Game Value

Humans eat food to get nutrients from them, but when food is taken in irregular amounts, it can have bad results for your health. The same is true with other things that we normally take for granted. Take for example these mobile game apps, they seem to only appeal to your taste for sex and violence, but do they have any real lasting value? Do they teach you something that’s useful for your day-to-day lifestyle? If they do, then that’s wonderful! It means that they help build your character and have a positive perspective in life. Bible study games for youth like Play The Bible is such a game that adds value to the whole gaming experience.

However, most of the mobile game apps today either sexualize their characters or inject a ton of violence into the gamers’ mind. The ones that do have some sort of value are only those that help with your logic and reasoning capacity as well as improve your math skills. On the other hand there are a few free online bible games on your mobile device that brings real value to your life. One of them is Play The Bible.

So Why Bible Study Games for Youth?

Play The Bible is actually a form of Bible study turned into a mobile game that appeals to kids and teens as well as some adults also. Studying God’s word, the Bible, will help you become a better person, as it mainly teaches morality that is in line with the will of God. The Android and Apple app store is not devoid of Bible study games for youth and, in fact, you can download and install isotretinoin online pharmacy games like Play The Bible and other Christian-themed games that are very entertaining. God basically wants you to live a happy prosperous life where you won’t hurt others and be at peace with everyone around you. If we only follow God’s will, then there would only be peace and progress in the world!

Play The Bible hopes to achieve that in some small way by introducing the new generation to God’s word in a soft and subtle manner. In time they will not only be familiar with the Bible, but may also practice its moral teachings in their study games for youth

Slowly but Surely

You can find several interesting Christian podcasts for college students as well as Scripture-based mobile games on any app store and you can be sure that they will satisfy your soul. The Bible passages that are found in the gameplay will stir you inside and make you question your life’s purpose, which is a good thing as it will bring your closer to God. Since these Bible study games for youth are created to have many layers and levels of difficulty, the process of how God’s word will make a difference in your life may be slow; however, it will take hold eventually. That’s the amazing thing about God, you see, time is always on his side and it doesn’t matter how long it takes to change your heart. He will see you through any and all obstacles.

The Ancient Cutting-Edge

The Bible is believed to have been written around 1312 BC which coincidentally is around the same time Pharaoh Tutankhamun died. But Bible scholars and archaeologists believe the stories from the Bible may have been handed down from generations to generations orally thousands of years before that. The word of God is as old as time itself and it will always remain significant throughout the ages. Today it has been digitally encrypted so that kids can play it on their smartphones and tablets. Once you start playing Play The Bible, you will find that learning about the Bible isn’t boring at all! It’s fun to learn about Adam and Eve, Moses, Abraham, Jesus and many other famous Bible characters.

The free download Christian mobile apps on your mobile devices are quite interesting, so start now with Play The Bible! You might just find what you’re looking for.

Puzzle Games with Bible Passages

bible study games for youthPlay The Bible is a tile and puzzle game with additional games built into it as you go through each level. There will be multiple choice quizzes, trivia, fill in the blanks, in-game cinematics and many other fun Bible study games for youth. It’s so amazing because the game developers have turned the scriptures into a puzzle game that lets kids solve it as well as the riddle of their lives. From what they’ll be exposed to they will instantly learn why they need a savior and how Jesus is the only one that could fill that role in their lives.

The Bible truly is resilient! Every time upheavals happen that threaten to make it irrelevant or destroy it, God always finds a way to let it survive – this time in cyberspace.

Play The Bible is now available for free on Android and Apple app stores. You can play it on any mobile device; you can even play it on a desktop PC using a mobile phone emulator! The overall gameplay experience is unexpectedly cool, because we haven’t seen a level of craftsmanship when it comes to the character and game design like it on other mobile game apps. It’s also very educational as the game itself is designed to stimulate and develop the player’s intelligence. This isn’t just another Bible study games for youth, but rather it is a highly challenging game that everyone will love.