Satan the Devil – Sin Personified

Satan the Devil - Sin Personified

Writings concerning Lucifer or Satan the Devil are found many times in the Bible. Angels are spiritual beings created by God. In the Bible, they serve as God’s bearer of important messages to people. Angel’s possess personality, intelligence, will, and emotion.

Satan the Devil is synonymous with all things considered evil. Once the most beautiful angel in all of heaven, and lead worshipper, he was cast out of heaven when he proved disobedient, considering himself as if he too was like God. Satan was perfectly created by God as an angel in heaven thousands of years ago. There are many instances in the Bible of his seduction of unsuspecting persons to win them to his side of evil. For this reason, Satan is known as the tempter, devil, Lucifer and son of the morning.

Satan the Devil is noted for his tempting of Jesus in the wilderness, for showing all the worldly things to Jesus if He bowed down and served Satan, but Jesus rebuked him. In the Old Testament, it is noted that the angels of the Lord came to present themselves to the Lord and Satan came with them also.

Now Job was a righteous man in God’s eyes and He pointed out the goodness of Job to Satan. Satan was not convinced that Job would be so happy to serve God if he was not living the good life. Therefore, God gave Satan permission to do what as he wished with Job, but his life would be spared. In the end, Job still served God despite much testing of his faith.

In the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation, Satan is expected to wage war with the kingdom of heaven. But Satan will not win, but instead be cast out.

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